iOS5s hidden panoramic photo feature discovered

first_imgDeep within the recesses of iOS5 is a panoramic photo feature within the Camera software, jailbreakers have discovered.Conrad Kramer tweeted on Monday that he figured out how to enable Panorama, which appears as another option alongside HDR and the photo grid. It’s a rather simple tweak: just change one key from “no” to “yes”. The key is called Firebreak, which may refer to an internal code name.Grant Paul, another hacker, has posted an app to the Cydia jailbreak app store that enables the Firebreak panorama code. While the hack is doable manually for anyone with a jailbroken iOS device with a camera, the Cydia app makes it easier for those who want the additional functionality of jailbreaking without all the manual labor.The screenshot above shows that the function, even hidden, is pretty easy to use. The users are directed to capture a panorama photo by moving the phone’s camera from left to right. Tapping the shutter button starts the process, and once it’s finished, iOS will automatically do the stitching and produce a two-dimensional photo covering the whole region captured.Another screenshot posted by Paul shows where to find the feature (once it’s enabled). Instead of being a toggle switch, users press a big Panorama button to start the mode.Specifically, the Panorama feature is enable by setting a key called EnableFirebreak, in, to YES, according to Kramer.Apple hasn’t yet issued a public response to the find, although it’s likely that this is a feature in development that will roll out with a future update to iOS5. The discovery may accelerate that rollout to discourage curious iPhone owners from jailbreaking.via Twitter, AppleInsiderlast_img read more

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