This Overstuffed 100TB SSD Is The Worlds Largest

first_imgStay on target Just last month, Samsung unveiled a new SSD with a jaw-dropping capacity of 30TB. Now there’s already a drive that makes Samsung’s look puny by comparison.The enterprise storage experts at Nimbus Data have thrown back the curtains and revealed a monstrous 100TB drive and it’s now the world’s largest SSD. To cram that much memory into one drive Nimbus bumped up the form factor — sort of like what Quantum did with its Bigfoot drives back in the late 90s.The 100TB ExaDrive comes in a 3.5-inch package. That doesn’t just make it easier to boost capacity in the drive itself. It also makes it easier to install the drives in existing storage hardware that’s designed for hard drives — since you don’t have to screw the ExaDrive into a mounting adapter first.Let’s take a quick look at just how nuts the 100TB ExaDrive is. If you needed to throw together a rackmountable device to store a shipload of data, you might start off with one of Backblaze’s storage pods. Their signature red, sixth-gen pod has enough bays inside for 60 drives.100TB times 60 drives? An unbelievable 6PB in just 4U of rack space. If you’ve got an entire rack to fill up — let’s say one that’s 42U tall — you could stuff 60 petabytes in that one rack. That’s more than enough room to store detailed data on, say, 50 million Facebook users.Nimbus Data didn’t reveal how much the new 100TB ExaDrive (or its “scrawny” 50TB sibling) will sell for. Not in dollars and cents, anyway. “Pricing will be similar to existing enterprise SSDs on a per terabyte basis,” according to their announcement.Over the drive’s lifespan, however, Nimbus says the ExaDrives could yield significant savings. They claim the drives are 85% cheaper to operate than similar drives, so even if they’re slightly pricier up front the savings will trickle in over time. Best External Hard Drive For Xbox OneBest External Hard Drive For PS4 center_img Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img read more

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