Shumlin ‘humbled and grateful’ wins governor’s race

first_imgRELATED:  Dubie concedes governor’s race to Shumlin Shumlin Interview Senate President Peter Shumlin, a Democrat from Putney, was elected governor by a narrow margin after a long, expensive and occasionally contentious race against the Republican Lieutenant Governor Brian Dubie of Essex.‘I am extraordinarily humbled and grateful,’ Shumlin told supporters at a rally just after noon in Burlington. ‘We have hard work to do.’Dubie called Shumlin around 9:30 this morning to concede the race.‘I am so grateful to the thousands of Vermonters who supported this campaign,’ Dubie said in a statement this morning. ‘We had a tremendous outpouring of support in every corner of this state and hundreds of volunteers who worked tirelessly to share my vision of creating more opportunities for Vermonters. I want to encourage all of them to continue to be active participants in our democracy and work toward making this great state of ours an even better state. This was an extremely close race. Voters have made their choice, and it is now time for all of us to unite as Vermonters and work together to move forward.’Shumlin said, ‘I want to thank Brian Dubie for his graciousness, for his extraordinary service to this state as lieutenant governor, and for his commitment to Vermonters. I was his friend before this campaign, we’ll be friends going forward, and I thank Brian for his service to the state.’He also thanked his ‘home grown’ campaign manager Alexandra MacLean, who outside the candidate himself received the loudest cheers, and also thanked Vermont’s congressional delegation, Senators Patrick Leahy and Bernie Sanders, and Representative Peter Welch who campaigned with him in the final weeks of the race.‘But mostly I want to thank the people of this great state,’ Shumlin said, ‘who invited us into their living rooms, who talked to us on Main Street, who met us across this state and talked about their dreams and their vision for a better future. Those are the folks that I promise I will work for every single day. We do not care if you are a Democrat, a Republican, an Independent, a Progressive or any of the above. I have worked hard all my life to get tough things done. We have tough things to do and today we begin that for every single Vermonter, every single day to make your future better. That struggle starts today. ‘That challenge will begin almost immediately as Shumlin must present a balanced budget to the Legislature in January. Economists project that the state budget is facing a $100 million shortfall in revenues.In a campaign in which the term ‘ethically challenged’ became a catch phrase and $3.5 million was spent, Shumlin edged Dubie by less than 4,000 votes with nearly all the votes counted. Shumlin had survived a five-way primary last summer that was so close that runner-up state Senator Doug Racine called for a recount.WCAX-TV is reporting on its Web site ( is external)) that with 97.5 percent of the vote tallied, its unofficial total had Shumlin with 116,568 (49 percent) and Dubie at 112,787 (48 percent). The Secretary of State’s office must ratify the totals and will present the official results by next Tuesday. The five other minor party candidates in the race had a total of 6,333 votes.If no candidate gets 50 percent of the vote, the Vermont constitution essentially considers that no election has taken place and the race then goes to the Legislature with each member, House and Senate, casting his vote by secret ballot. Dubie said before the election that regardless of the outcome he would stand by the voter totals if they favored Shumlin and concede even if there were no majority. By tradition, that has been the case and it was the stance that then Lieutenant Governor Doug Racine took when he lost to Jim Douglas in 2002. In any case, the Legislature, based on the Tuesday results, will remain heavily Democratic in both chambers.Source: WCAX. Vermont Business Magazine. 11.3.2010PHOTOS: Top, Peter Shumlin campaigns in Williston Tuesday afternoon. Bottom, Lieutenant Governor Brian Dubie. Q&A: Peter Shumlin Peter Shumlin wins Democratic primary | Vermont Business Magazinelast_img read more

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