Global climate change to be discussed at Rice University Thursday night

first_imgRice University is consistently ranked one of America’sbest teaching and research universities. It is distinguished by its: size-2,700undergraduates and 1,500 graduate students; selectivity-10 applicants for eachplace in the freshman class; resources-an undergraduate student-to-faculty ratioof 5-to-1, and the fifth largest endowment per student among private Americanuniversities; residential college system, which builds communities that are bothclose-knit and diverse; and collaborative culture, which crosses disciplines,integrates teaching and research, and intermingles undergraduate and graduatework. Rice’s wooded campus is located in the nation’s fourth largest city and onAmerica’s South Coast. ShareCONTACT: B.J. AlmondPHONE:(713) 348-6770EMAIL: [email protected] CHANGE TO BE DISCUSSED AT RICE UNIVERSITY THURSDAY NIGHTOne ofAmerica’s “Best in Science” is first speaker in new earth-science lectureseriesA researcher who wasselected as one of America’s Best in Science and Medicine by Time Magazine andCNN will kick off the new Public Lecture Series in Earth Science at RiceUniversity Jan. 24 at 7 p.m.Lonnie Thompson, aresearch scientist at the Byrd Polar Research Center of Ohio State University(OSU) in Columbus, will present “Understanding Global Climate Change:Perspective from Earth Science” at James A. Baker III Hall. The lecture can beviewed on the Internet at .One of Thompson’s mostsignificant research contributions has been to propel the field of ice-corepaleoclimatology out of the polar regions and into the highest tropical andsubtropical ice fields of Earth. Thompson and his team developed solar-powereddrilling equipment that enabled them to glean climate histories from ice fieldsspread from the tropical South American Andes to the Puruogangri ice cap in thecenter of the Tibetan Plateau. These climate histories have helped advancescientists’ understanding of the nature of Earth’s climate system.A professor ofgeological sciences at OSU, Thompson was highlighted in a “CNN PresentsAmerica’s Best in Science and Medicine” program last August and in a specialsection of the Aug. 20, 2001, issue of Time.Thompson’s lecture isthe first of five in this new lecture series hosted by the Department of EarthScience and the James A. Baker III Institute for Public Policy. The series issponsored by a gift from the Shell Oil Co. Foundation to the Department of EarthScience. News media who want toattend should call B.J. Almond at (713) 348-6770. AddThislast_img read more

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