Tesla Model X Compared To Jaguar IPace In Slick New Video

Bloomberg Says Jaguar I-Pace Is A Sexier Tesla Model X No racing, this time around.With the 2019 Jaguar I-Pace slowly but surely appearing in driveways of customers, outside of the U.S., at least, now is a good time to stand it up against its main electric competitor: the Tesla Model X. Some might say these aren’t exactly in the same segment, but we’ll bet they will be cross-shopped against each other, as well as against petrol-powered machines. Instead of just giving you numbers, the video above allows you to see them side by side to draw your conclusions. All within three measly minutes.More comparisons of the Tesla Model X and Jaguar I-Pace Watch Tesla Model X 100D & P100D Race Jaguar I-Pace In 360° Jaguar I-Pace Versus Tesla Model S – Autocar’s Take The footage doesn’t have a voiceover, but it does have text. Unfortunately, it’s not English — it appears to be French and Dutch — so we’ll do a little translation for you. It is, though, pretty apparent what they are discussing, with the camera panning over certain details of each vehicle before making its pronouncements.They start with size, noting that the Tesla SUV is 5.03 meters (16.5 feet)  in length, while the Big Cat is, um, less big, coming in at 4.68 meters  (15.35 feet). Next, they bring up range, saying the I-Pace is good for 470 kilometers (292 miles), while the Model X 75D is scored at 417 km (259 miles).  Here we have to pause and note that this is slightly misleading. The figure for the Model X is the more conservative EPA rating, while the I-Pace number is its less conservative WLTP rating. Jaguar, on its U.S. website, gives it an estimated range of 240 miles. Also, this part of the video mentions a metric of ch/pk, of which the British crossover offers more. We’re pretty sure this stands for chortles per kurmuffin, but feel free to correct us in Comments.Next, the Belgian prices of the two samples are compared. The Model X is more pricey at 97,530 Euro ($114,770), while the First-Edition I-Pace is a better bargain at 78,990 Euro ($92,968). Our guides then take us inside and judge that the American car has a futuristic look to its cockpit, while the Austria-built Jag features a more traditional cabin with a better finish. A peek inside the back doors concludes that the X offers a large seating space while the rear passenger area of the I-Pace is “less habitable.”We keeping moving around back to the cargo space where we see the Jaguar can hold 656 liters (23.17 cubic feet). The boot of the larger Model X is, well, larger, with an accommodating 1,090 liters (38.49 cu.ft.) for all your gear and groceries. Frunks (front trunk) also get measured, with the I-Pace offering 27 liters (.95 cu.ft.) and the Model X 187 liters (6.6 cu.ft.) of additional storage.Calling both vehicles “lively and dynamic,” the Jaguar I-Pace is said to be “incisive,” meaning, we believe, it has sharper handling. Meanwhile, they grant that the ride of the Tesla Model X is more comfortable.Efficiency-wise, they give the Tesla the edge at 22.9 kWh/100 km (62 miles), while the smaller Jaguar somehow only scores 20.4 kWh/100 km. (We have noticed that efficiency isn’t the strongest point of the I-Pace.Each of these vehicles has its strengths and weaknesses. While one may take some sales from the other, we can only hope the larger losers here will be the petrol-powered equivalents.Source: YouTube Source: Electric Vehicle News Author Liberty Access TechnologiesPosted on September 25, 2018Categories Electric Vehicle News read more

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