Toy Tuesday 11 Most Powerful Dragon Ball Toys

first_img It’s kind of amazing that an anime that debuted in 1986 is more popular than ever in 2019, but Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Ball has standed the test of time for generations. The battle-filled saga of Goku and his extended family has spawned video games, movies and, yes, toys. Multiple manufacturers have put out action figures, plushies and more of the series’ main characters, and we love them all. If you want to simulate super Saiyan battles on your toy shelf, here’s our guide to the best Dragon Ball toys on the market.Tamashii Nations Kid Goku FigureWhy not start at the beginning? When Akira Toriyama started Dragon Ball, he legit had no idea where he was going with it. All he had was the monkey-tailed young hero Goku on a mission to collect the seven Dragon Balls. Obviously the series’ mythology went through some changes as the story came into focus, but those early freewheeling stories are still a ton of fun to revisit. This Bandai Tamashii Nations figure is crafted with the same attention to detail that you expect from the line, with tons of articulation and exchangeable parts, including a Power Pole and a cloud for the little guy to ride on.Get it at Amazon.comKamehameha ShooterOkay, this thing is corny as hell but it sort of wraps around to being awesome. The mighty kamehameha is the signature energy blast of the Dragon Ball series, a devastating wave of ki power that splits mountains in half and devastates opponents. The molded plastic dart that this gadget shoots is… a little less impressive. That said, it’s probably about as close as you’re going to get to blasting one without spending a few centuries training in the time chamber. You don’t even have to say the words to do the extensive warmup — an onboard speaker does all that when you insert the fireball.Get it at Amazon.comVegeta Funko PopFunko has a frighteningly robust selection of Dragon Ball characters remade in their iconic empty-eyed sculpts, so it was a little tough to choose a character for the list. At the end of the day, we had to think that the Saiyan prince Vegeta would probably be the most upset by seeing himself remade as a stumpy little plastic warrior, so that’s who we went with. Revisit the storyline when the bad-ass came to Earth to beat down Goku but eventually found himself fighting on the side of the good guys in Funko form.Get it at Amazon.comDragon Ball MonopolyThere are literally more branded versions of Monopoly on the market than we can count, but we have to admit that the Dragon Ball version is pretty cool. Instead of snapping up property in Atlantic City, you’re shelling out for sets of fighters, and then adding Kamen houses and hyperbolic time chambers to increase their value. It’s just a coat of paint on the original game, but it’s a charming and fun one. Even the tokens you move around the board are Dragon Ball-themed _ sorry, thimble fans.Get it at Amazon.comMegahouse Piccolo FigureStanding over eight inches tall, the Megahouse line of Dragon Ball figures are some of the most detailed and playable on the market. Piccolo was one of the first archrivals that Goku had to face, a green-skinned demon who turns out to actually be an extraterrestrial Namekian and, like many of the series’ bad guys, ends up fighting with Goku and pals against even worse threats. This incredible figure has a cloth outfit and vinyl cape as well as three alternate heads. He’s not poseable, but you can’t have everything.Get it at Amazon.comXenoverse Trunks FigureIt’s amazing how Trunks can make himself stand out from the rest of the Dragon Ball fighters simply by carrying a dang sword. The son of Vegeta and Bulma travels back from the future to help our heroes defeat Frieza and King Cold. His real mission, though, is warning them that Dr. Gero’s androids are ready to take over the planet and must be stopped. This figure from Bandai’s Tamashii Nations line depicts Trunks as he appeared in the Xenoverse game, with a new outfit of long coat and breeches. Multiple heads and hands as well as sword and Time Scroll make this a dope addition to your collection.Get it at Amazon.comMajin Buu PlushOne of the tubbiest foes that Goku and his pals contend with, Majin Buu was also the final bad guy of the original Dragon Ball series. The pink-skinned demon was created by an evil warlock to destroy the universe, even killing two of the Supreme Kais before being sealed away on Earth. Of course, he’s eventually revived and faces off with the Dragon Ball fighters after murdering nearly every human being on Earth. Fun cartoon for kids! If you want to snuggle with a genocidal, near-immortal demon, here’s a cute and cuddly 10 inch plush version for that purpose.Get it at Amazon.comShokugan Son Gohan Action FigureOne of the most notable things about Dragon Ball is the sheer energy that Toriyama puts into every scene. Can an ordinary action figure capture that dynamism? Well, not usually, but Bandai’s Shokugan “Dragon Styling” line comes close. The whole point of these figures is to present the characters in dynamic, charged poses that reflect the wild brawls they get into. This rendition of Goku’s son Gohan is one of our favorites, with a dramatic billowing cape and hand outstretched to unleash an energy blast.Get it at Amazon.comDead Yamcha Action FigureThings definitely start to get real in Dragon Ball when Vegeta comes to Earth to challenge Goku. Previously, although there had been plenty of combat, things were still pretty civilized. But when the spiky-haired Saiyan faced off against our heroes, things got rough fast. Vegeta fought without mercy, striking down the good guys with overwhelming power. One of the most iconic moments in all the series comes when scrappy martial artist Yamcha stands up to the Saiyans and gets totally murdered for it, his crumpled body at the bottom of a ki-created crater. Here’s an “action figure” of that scene, if you’re as morbid as we are.Get it at Amazon.comPerfect Cell Model KitThe Cell Saga was my personal introduction to the world of Dragon Ball, and I still have a soft spot for the green villain that was created by Dr. Gero out of the genetic information of Goku, Vegeta and numerous other powerful fighters. When Cell is unleashed, he travels back in time to absorb Androids #17 and #18, evolving into his “Perfect” form and — because this is Dragon Ball — starting a fighting tournament to find his true rival. This slick plastic model kit is designed using an underlayer process to simulate the villain’s distinctive body markings and comes with optional kamehameha blast pieces.Get it at Amazon.comShenron Statue With Dragon BallsThe powerful entity at the heart of many of Dragon Ball‘s plotlines, Shenron is a massive dragon that lives in the Earth’s molten core, only emerging when the seven Dragon Balls are united to grant a single wish from the bearer. Some of those wishes have been pretty spectacular, and then one time a guy wished for panties. If you want to feel the magnificence of this mighty beast in your own home, this statue set will do the job. The six inch high dragon is surrounded by seven translucent acrylic Dragon Balls just waiting for you to make a wish.Get it at Amazon.comMore on Best Movie-Based Lego Sets11 Goopiest Slime Toys11 Coolest Remote-Controlled Toys Toy Tuesday: The Best ‘South Park’ ToysThe New Lego UCS Imperial Star Destroyer Is Nearly Four Feet Long Stay on targetlast_img read more

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