Record your games in 1080p with Hauppauges HD PVR 2 Gaming Edition

first_imgIt’s a well-known fact that gamers like to record their progress through video games. This is clear to see from all the game videos that get uploaded to YouTube, as well as the growing number of titles that actually have recording features built in.Inevitably this has led to some peripheral manufacturers launching dedicated digital video recording boxes compatible with the major consoles. One of those companies is Hauppauge, who has just announced an updated version of their HD PVR game recorder.The original HD PVR Gaming Edition connected to either an Xbox 360 or PS3 and recorded games as you played. The pass-through cable system meant there was no delay with the footage being transmitted and stored on your PC’s hard drive. The one shortcoming of the HD PVR was a limit to 1080i and 720p recording.With the launch of the HD PVR 2 Gaming Edition later this month, Hauppauge has solved that problem. You get the same no-delay Xbox 360 and PS3 recording, but now with the option of up to 1080p30 recording. All video is also recorded using H.264.Included with the device are two 6-foot HDMI cables, a 6-foot PS3 component cable, and one 9-foot USB cable so your laptop or PC doesn’t have to be right next to your TV. As for editing the video, Hauppauge includes a copy of ArcSoft ShowBiz, which should make clean up and video exporting pretty simple out the box.The HD PVR 2 Gaming Edition is expected to launch before the end of August for $169. If you’re serious about regularly recording your gaming sessions, one of these recorders and a large hard drive could make it a very simple task.last_img read more

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