Medora: Zrinko Kamber justified the trust and will remain at the helm of the company for the next 5 years

first_imgMedora Auri Family Beach Resort 4 * is one of our best hotels and the best places for practical learning. I’m not talking here about decorating or something you can buy with money, but about hotel organization, people, implementation and performance, the little details that make a difference, the brand that lives its story, not the logo. They sell the experience, not the accommodation, develop and positively impact the destination, collaborate with local family farms and partners. We are talking about one hotel, not a hotel chain, so the matter is much different and more difficult, at least when we talk about human and financial resources, and yet it gives them the freedom to implement new trends and the decision-making process faster. Soon more on the topic of why Medora is one of the best places where one can practically learn about running a hotel. And that is why I am pleased with this news, that of course with positive financial results and growth from year to year, in our tourism people like Mr. Kamber have their important role and that expertise is still respected and valued. Of course, the purpose of any business is to generate earnings, but in this case, in the formula for making a decision, other parameters are included, and not just exclusively maximizing profits at any cost. By the way, when I stay in a hotel, one of the first things I look at is the director’s attitude towards employees, the work atmosphere and the attitude towards the staff in charge of maintaining and cleaning the rooms. She talks and reveals a lot. In the case of Medora Auri Family Beach Resort as well as Mr. Kamber’s relationship with employees there is no fear, stuttering and trepidation in conversation with the director, the staff is relaxed and smiling, not that fake smile, looking forward to small successes, supporting and openly discussing all challenges . Of course how respect must be present, but often people forget, how respect cannot be bought, but only earned. This is another proof that people are the key to success in tourism, especially those on the front lines of defense, and that money is not the only criteria for attracting employees. Thus, Zrinko Kamber will be the head of the company for the next five years, more precisely until 2024 After a long career at Valamar, Mr. Kamber could choose a calmer continuation of his career, he could go to safety, he could take over one of the hotels in Dubrovnik, in his city, where it would be easier for him because of his family, he could be in one of Supervisory Board… but chose something new, uncertain, challenging and build something from scratch while setting standards at the national level and developing the destination, and we know what a painstaking process it is, especially if the destination is slow to develop and poorly responsive, such as that in the case of Podgora. At the meeting of the Supervisory Board of the company MEDORA HOTELS AND RESORTS from Podgora held on October 04, 2019, the mandate of the current President of the Management Board Zrinko Kamber was extended. center_img By the way, Zrinko Kamber is one of the real ones old school heavyweight in our tourism, a real tourist encyclopedia, and just one conversation with Mr. Kamber is enough to learn more than in one year of college. RELATED NEWS: Also, he is one of the few professionals who openly and without a hair on his tongue, arguably discusses all the challenges of our tourism, without any figs in his pocket, which is a rarity. You know, most are strong in language when you talk to them in private, but when you need to say something in public, then they back off. That is why we have so many problems in our tourism, because market development is not respected and the profession is silent. One is politics, and market development and bussines is quite another. MEDORA HOTELS AND RESORTS LEADERS IN SUSTAINABILITY AND ENVIRONMENTAL STANDARDS IN CROATIAlast_img read more

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