Twitters Top Trending Topics of the Week Metrodome Scarlett Johansson Taylor Swift

first_imgWe’re sure you’ve been busy running around like a chicken with its head cut off with all the last-minute holiday shopping. If you’ve been too busy to check Twitter this week, we’ve got you covered. We rounded up some of the most talked about topics on Twitter this week so you don’t have to feel out of the loop. Check out the top trending topics on Twitter for the week ending in December 17:1. MazembeMazembe, the African soccer team from the Democratic Republic of Congo, defeated the South American team, Internacional, by 2-0. For the first time, an African team goes to the finals of the FIFA Club World Cup. #Mazembe2. MetrodomeThe roof of the Metrodome, home to the NFL’s Minnesota Vikings, deflated and collapsed, dumping snow on the field below, which forced games to be postponed. #Metrodome3. Scarlett Johansson / Ryan ReynoldsScarlett Johansson and the Sexiest Man of the Year, Ryan Reynolds, are getting a divorce. #ScarlettJohansson4. Text You Get From a StalkerOne of the creepiest hashtags we’ve seen in a while. People are tweeting texts you might get from a stalker. For example, “The view from this tree is good enough for me to see what you’re tweeting right now.” #TextYouGetFromAStalker5. In High SchoolPeople are explaining what they do or did when in they were in high school. If you want to combine two trends from this week, you can use this tweet: “I’ve been following you since we were #inhighschool.Check out the rest of Twitter’s trending topics of the week after the jump! 6. Females Need ToPeople are tweeting what females need to do or say. This sounds like a meme that’s just looking for trouble. #femalesneedto7. If Santa Was BlackA questionable meme…According to Twopular, “People are tweeting comments about Santa, relating to the changed mannerisms, ideas, sayings, clothing and vehicles, if he was of black [i.e. African, African American] skin color”. #IfSantaWasBlack8. Frequently Asked QuestionsPeople are tweeting questions that are frequently asked by their followers or clients of a business, and are then offering answers to these common questions. #frequentlyaskedquestions9. Bernie Sanders / FilibusterSenator Bernie Sander filibustered the tax deal struck by President Obama and Senate Republicans by speaking on the floor of the Senate for eight hours straight. Check out a word cloud of his speech.#BernieSanders10. Taylor SwiftCountry pop star, Taylor Swift, turned 21 this week. Twitter fans wished her a happy birthday and shared memories of her music, concerts, and interviews. Is it true that Jake Gyllenhaal bought Taylor a $10,000 guitar for her birthday? I sure hope not. #TaylorSwiftlast_img read more

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