Fresh Firefox OS screen mockups leaked

first_imgYou may have seen the images of the Firefox Marketplace that leaked out recently. Those have now been joined by a fresh batch of screen mockups of the operating system itself, as Firefox OS steams ahead toward its public launch.Brazilians will get first crack at Mozilla’s fledgling OS when it arrives on their shores early in 2013, and they’ll be treated to something that looks a bit more like what you see above than previous peeks offered up by the Foundation.Soft gradients abound, but there’s signs that Mozilla is going to clutter up the experience with skeumorphism. It also looks as though Mozilla is pushing for FM radio support — a good move, since customers in the emerging markets it wants to target will no doubt appreciate a streaming music alternative that doesn’t require a data plan from a mobile carrier.Don’t like the look of the perfectly round icons on the home screen? Don’t forget that Firefox OS is totally open source. You’ll be able to dive right in and modify the underlying code to customize things any way you see fit — in much the same way that you can tinker with Firefox’s userchrome.css file to personalize your browser.Regardless of how much you like or dislike this latest round of mockups, it’s important to remember that they’re not the actual OS. What we ultimately get to poke at next year may wind up looking dramatically different. But since the code will be out in the open, we’ll get additional glimpses between now and launch day.More at Soren Hentzschel’s Bloglast_img read more

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