My mentor

first_imgMy mentorOn 6 Nov 2001 in Personnel Today Clare Chapman, HR director at Tesco, on Ronnie Miller,vice-president of HR for the international division at Pepsi-Cola, who has beenher role model since their time together at the global beverage companyOne little piece of advice by Clare Chapman’s mentor saved her six months ona big recruitment project. Ronnie Miller, the former vice-president of HR Asian Pacific at Pepsi-Cola,told Chapman to always “ask for forgiveness, not permission”. Chapman, Tesco’s HR director, has always heeded the advice. When she starteda new role for Pepsi-Cola, as the vice-president of HR for eastern Europe andcentral Asia, she had to build up her team as the drinks company entered a newmarket. Instead of waiting for final approval from the company’s head office, Millerurged her to get on with recruiting the personnel she needed. It saved her a lot of time. “I recruited the team and when we did getpermission the team started straight away. We were able to hit the groundrunning because I did not have to wait the three to six months that it wouldhave taken to hire the team,” she explains. Chapman also admires Miller’s open-mindedness and determination.”Ronnie taught me to be bold. She was also such a safe sparring partner –I would phone her up and we would have frank discussions, which meant that Itook risks faster,” she says. “She is very smart with a great sense of humour and is non-judgemental.I have also tried to be non-judgemental, patient and understanding beforegiving an opinion.” Miller is currently vice-president of HR for the international beveragedivision at Pepsi-Cola. Related posts:No related photos. Comments are closed. Previous Article Next Articlelast_img read more

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