Preacher Saved Its Best Episode of the Season for Comic Con Weekend

first_imgStay on target 11 Forgotten Vertigo Comics That Would Make Awesome TV ShowsThe Greatest Romances in Comic Book History Now, this was more like it. Preacher‘s trip to Angelville brought the tone of the show down a bit, but last night’s episode was everything we want from this show. It doesn’t waste any time giving it to us, either. Now that Tulip knows exactly how to get Jesse out of his contract, she’s determined to get it over with. The show wants you to think it’s going to happen right away, what with Tulip standing over a sleeping Madame L’Angelle with a gun. But we know how this show works. We’re going to spend a lot more time in Angelville before Jesse’s grandma gets it. So instead, Tulip puts the gun away and talks to Jesse about the plan. Jesse doesn’t get a chance to respond, though. TC and Jody have found the remnants of Cassidy’s skinsuit and put things together. They’re on their way up to give Jesse an ass-whoopin’.Here, we get one of those brutal, messy Preacher fight scenes that have been so few and far between this season. There’s a fantastic moment in the bathroom where Tulip and TC both improvise weapons to use on each other. TC even calls it out. “Found Object: Bathroom weaponry.” He makes a flamethrower out of a hair dryer and some toilet paper, Tulip grabs an eyelash curler and a… razor? Doesn’t matter. She knocks him out with her fists. Because sometimes improvised weapons are funnier in our imagination. Outside, the fight hasn’t gone that well. Jody’s knocked Jesse out, and is carrying him down the stairs. Tulip tries to save him, but TC shows up with a shotgun, and Madame L’Angelle, having woken up in all the commotion, is using the blood compact to choke the life out of Jesse. As punishment, they put Jesse inside the coffin, submerging him. So this is the scene Seth Rogen found out about at Comic Con.Dominic Cooper, Jeremy Childs (Photo via AMC)Jesse spends most of this episode trapped in the bottom of the coffin. At first, it doesn’t add too much to the story, other than a few cool scenes themed around an old western. I guess this 4:3 black and white world with a John Wayne soundalike is how Jesse gets through this particularly harsh punishment. Thankfully, it doesn’t take too long for the episode to ramp up the stakes a bit. After a real squicky role-play scene between TC and Madame L’Angelle, they make plans to grab Tulip and eat her soul. So Jesse needs to find his own way out of the coffin, and that’s when the episode gets real tense. Not just because Jesse has a time limit now, but because of his method of escape. He plans to use his cigarettes to blow up the air pump keeping him supplied with oxygen. That destroys the coffin, allowing him to escape. It works, but not before a few failed attempts. During which time, the coffin slowly floods with water. This was not the episode for claustrophobic people, huh?After all this, Jesse’s ready to kill his grandma and save Tulip. And he does… but we all knew it wasn’t going to be that easy. As soon as Madame L’Angelle dies, Tulip does as well. Kind of an insurance policy she built in. In a fast, exciting and slightly disgusting scene, Jesse brings his grandma back to life. For now. Turns out all that adrenaline is really hard on her heart. She needs to eat a soul to survive, and TC and Jody are already eyeing Tulip. The show doesn’t give us another fight this episode. It doesn’t want to spoil us. The scene cuts away just as the four lunge at each other. There were some great fights in this episode. I only hope next week’s makes good on the promise of this last shot.Gran’ma (Betty Buckley) and Tulip O’Hare (Ruth Negga) Photo by Alfonso Bresciani/AMC/Sony Pictures TelevisionOver in New Orleans, we finally check in with The Grail. Herr Starr is busy training Humperdoo in the art of Messiah-ing. He’s able to form the right words to bless people, but he keeps eating the actor-queen’s ring instead of kissing it. Baby steps. It’s been a while since we’ve seen Humperdoo. Nice to be reminded how messed up this show can get. It turns out there is someone Starr fears just a little bit. He takes a call from the leader of The Grail, the Allfather. Starr is clearly nervous when talking to him, going as far as to lie about his interactions with Jesse. He really doesn’t want the Allfather to find out he’s been searching for another savior.Starr reports that training Humperdoo isn’t proceeding along as quickly as they’d hoped. He only has one skill, and it’s not very Messiah-related. Nonetheless, Allfather asks for a demonstration. What follows is, no lie, the funniest scene of the entire show so far. The inbred descendant of Jesus, with a dopey grin on his face, tap-dancing while Hoover plays a soft-shoe song on the piano. Hardest the show has made me laugh yet. I guess we’re seeing the origin of the phrase “Jesus Tap-Dancing Christ?” Let Humperdoo into your life. #Preacher— PREACHER (@PreacherAMC) July 23, 2018I’m not the only one who enjoyed it either. The Allfather loved the performance so much, he’s convinced Humperdoo is ready to be the Messiah. Starr is visibly pained to learn that the second coming will consist of the drooling product of centuries of incest tap-dancing his way into Christian hearts. He desperately needs to get to Jesse now. Featherstone gets a fun gag in this scene. She dramatically says “I have an idea,” while a dramatic music queue plays and the camera zooms in on her. Then, Starr yells at her to spit it out already. This is the most comedy this show’s had all season. I like it. The show works best when it’s striking this tone.Featherstone’s idea involves using Cassidy to get to Jesse. Cassidy is in New Orleans trying to move on. He’s got himself an account on the vampire version of Tinder. His first date doesn’t go too well. For a second, he thinks he’s found another vampire, someone who really understands him. When they go to have sex in the bathroom though, it turns out to be just a fetish. She puts in some fake fangs and asks him to bite her. It’s only when he threatens to bite for real that she figures out what he really is. Fortunately, Cass still isn’t a bad guy. He gives her a good scare, then storms to the bar for some whiskey and horse tranquilizer. That’s when Featherstone gets him.Cassidy (Joseph Gilgun) Photo by Alfonso Bresciani/AMC/Sony Pictures TelevisionFor a particularly strong episode, it ends with something that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. The Grail has Cassidy read a ransom letter to the camera. It’s meant to lure Jesse back to The Grail so he can be The Savior instead of Humperdoo. Then instead of holding onto their hostage, they… dump him in a basement with some a bunch of other vampires? Why? It’s not explained. Maybe The Grail was using this group to get to Cassidy, and now they’re ensuring he stays in one place. Either way, it appears most of these Children of the Blood are fake vampires with plastic teeth. Except, perhaps, for one. I’m hoping for a better explanation of what’s going on next week. You know, in addition to all the vampire camp that is assuredly coming.last_img read more

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