How can I gain experience I need?

first_img Comments are closed. How can I gain experience I need?On 3 Jun 2003 in Personnel Today I am working in a small recruitment agency which specialises in accountancy.I am the company administrator/researcher and have been here for more thanthree years. I have done my Certificate in Personnel Practice, and alsograduated with a 2:2 in psychology and health sciences. I have repeatedly applied for jobs in HR, and I am looking for anadministrative post so that I can progress and further my education within thesector. Why is it so tough? How am I supposed to gain HR experience when no-one willgive me the kickstart I need? Professor Towler says: You are clearly very well qualified and obviously keen to continue buildingyour portfolio of qualifications and experience, so I can fully understand yourfrustration at being unable to get the career move you want. I found myself in exactly the same position a number of years ago when Ileft the civil service to start my own consultancy. Like you, I had a basket full of qualifications but was struggling to breakinto the market. Then a former colleague gave me an extremely simple andvaluable piece of advice. It boiled down to ‘what do you specialise in, and howdoes your specialism add value?’ Once I found the answer I never looked back, and in many ways I think thisis the key to your problem, too. HR is made up of a number of sometimes very different areas and levels ofexpertise. These include a wide variety of disciplines, such as training,corporate services, operations, rewards, learning and development, recruitment,employment law, compensation and benefits – just to name a few. In other words,the HR market is comprised of a range of different niches which change anddevelop according to organisational and business needs. I suggest you study the market and identify potential niches you can competein. You have a recruitment background, and your CPP and degree give youadditional areas of expertise, too. You have research skills and you know theaccountancy business. You probably also know quite a lot about financial services more generally –and this is just for starters. So, rather than applying for administrative posts, try looking for morespecialised positions where your background gives you a stronger competitiveadvantage. Previous Article Next Article Related posts:No related photos.last_img