Joe Biden getting the Cabinet he wants

first_img– Advertisement – Consider Pennsylvania Sen. Pat Toomey, who is retiring rather than running again in 2022, and has been one of the few to say “yeah, Biden won.” In an interview Wednesday, Toomey said that Cabinet picks are a “shared responsibility” between the president and the Senate majority. Which is bullshit. The president picks his Cabinet. “So I think people who are well outside of the political mainstream don’t belong in really important, senior-level, Cabinet-type posts. And that’s why that will be an ongoing discussion, I think, between a Republican Senate and Joe Biden,” Toomey added.Then there’s Sen. Ron Johnson, the Republican from Wisconsin, who doesn’t even think Biden should be getting the intelligence briefings he is entitled to as president-elect—and who is far too stupid to be in charge of a committee like Homeland Security, which he is, indeed, in charge of! “In general, from what I’ve seen, intelligence briefings are really not worth a whole hell of a lot,” he told reporters. “Based on what we see in the SCIF, they don’t have much value.” If nothing else, we need to take the Senate back so this bonehead doesn’t do any more harm to national security.- Advertisement – So, yeah. Let’s get Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock elected!last_img