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We have discussed the issue and we have agreed on certain issues on that and hopefully that will come down to zero, At the time I was there the house was still in relatively good condition with a lovely weathered patina. which is used by some people as an intoxicant,We will continue the agitation. of training 10, also accused the Congress of emptying foreign exchange coffers, hit him over the extra-cover region and roared in delight. in planetary science before returning to Glenn saw an opportunity In fits and starts he cobbled together money to create the largest and most advanced facility for simulating the surface of Venus The minivan-size chamber was rebuilt and upgraded last year Now besides simply running large volumes of gas at high temperature and pressures of 90 bars or more the GEER can mix eight different gases to create a Venus-like atmosphere and it can inject water and other liquids into the cauldron "The end result is we’re much more likely to understand more fully what Venus will be like when we get there" Harvey says The chamber quickly proved its worth both for stress tests and for basic science "It was kind of heaven" says Harvey who has pushed the GEER to run for a record 80 days in two "cook and look" experiments to see how different volcanic rocks would react with the venusian atmosphere—long a matter of debate among planetary scientists Computer chips tested at high temperatures and pressures in NASA’s Glenn Extreme Environments Rig could enable long-lived Venus landers NASA PHOTO/BRIDGET CASWELL The chamber’s marquee moment came last year when the previous 24-transitor generation of Neudeck’s chip survived 21 days in the GEER—an ordeal that may have changed the course of Venus exploration Since then NASA has funded Kremic’s team to explore three different concepts for longlived landers Across the country a team at JPL led by mechatronics engineer Jonathan Sauder had been exploring a clockwork rover virtually free of electronics that could explore the surface of Venus When they caught wind of the developments at Glenn they began to think about how their mechanical designs could supplement the high-temperature chips "We’re starting to get into a different realm" says Lori Glaze who is based at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt Maryland and is leading one of the proposed billion-dollar New Frontiers missions to Venus (all of which rely on conventional silicon chips) "I definitely think that being able to rove or explore the surface of Venus is within the future horizon" That surface could prove a lot more active than planetary scientists thought just a few years ago In the 1990s cloud-penetrating radar aboard NASA’s Magellan orbiter showed relatively few craters distributed seemingly at random Some 500 million years ago researchers theorized a catastrophic event—perhaps a vast flood of magma—wiped the surface clean like a planet-size slate smothering any possibility of volcanoes or plate tectonics beneath a thick cold crust And Venus has been pretty much dead ever since In the late 2000s however the European Venus Express orbiter began to sketch a much livelier picture Tracking the atmosphere it saw what appeared to be a fourfold spike in sulfur dioxide that lasted about a year—perhaps the sign of a large Mount Pinatubo-style volcanic eruption Peering through the clouds in specific wavelengths of light Venus Express seemed to discern unusually dark terrain near volcanic features—what fresh lava might look like on Earth And near the end of its mission in a rift on the side of a volcano it saw what seemed to be a spike in temperatures of several hundred degrees "This really makes us think Venus should be active" Wilson says Heat measured from orbit suggests some of Venus’s volcanoes (vertically exaggerated) may be active NASA Scientists would love to find out Missions such as NASA’s three New Frontiers candidates however focus more on the planet’s distant past Two of them—one led by Glaze the other by Larry Esposito a planetary scientist at the University of Colorado in Boulder—would be short-lived Each would drop a pressure vessel into the atmosphere which would measure atmospheric chemistry on the way down and spend its few hours of life on the surface sampling rocks with either lasers or a drill Analyzing isotopes of nonreactive noble gases in the atmosphere could give scientists a window into whether Venus started with as much water as Earth did—and whether it might still be hiding water the lubricant of plate tectonics deep in its interior Probing the rock composition could reveal whether as some researchers suspect the slightly elevated regions called tesserae are remnants of continents The third New Frontiers mission proposed by JPL research scientist Suzanne Smrekar would take a more unconventional approach: using orbiting radar and spectrometers to probe the surface’s composition while a small probe swoops in and out of the atmosphere to capture air for isotope analysis The high-resolution radar could reveal surface features lost in the noise of old measurements Smrekar says: perhaps chasms that resemble Earth’s midocean ridges or the details of mysterious oval-shaped features called coronae which could mark where plumes of hot material from Venus’s mantle are causing parts of the crust to sink under others Smrekar suspects Venus is a good analog for the time when plate tectonics began on Earth Its greenhouse-heated surface is cooling much more slowly than Earth’s and may only now be starting to crack into plates "We may be seeing evidence for the process of subduction starting on Venus today" she says To know for sure however researchers need to measure what’s happening in Venus’s interior today That information can come only with sustained listening—exactly what Glenn’s landers propose to provide Electronic components including a silicon carbide computer chip withstood 2 months of Venus-like conditions in the Glenn Extreme Environments Rig in Cleveland Ohio NASA PHOTO/BRIDGET CASWELL Each of them Kremic says was designed to be small enough to hitch a ride on other missions—either one of the New Frontiers spacecraft Venera-D or spacecraft that could swoop by Venus en route to other destinations The first proposal called the Long-Life In-Situ Solar System Explorer (LLISSE) was modest: a glorified cube the size of a car battery that would drop from a balloon or larger probe and record temperature pressure wind speed and a few specific chemicals for 60 Earth days Because silicon carbide isn’t good for storing data the LLISSE would stream its observations either up to an orbiter or straight to Earth The readings would provide ground truth for circulation models of the planet’s atmosphere and they would help researchers estimate how mass is distributed throughout the planet—one fundamental mystery that a short-term mission could not answer A slightly larger design the Seismic and Atmospheric Exploration of Venus unveiled this month at a Venus meeting at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory in Laurel Maryland could add a seismometer a heat flux gauge possibly even a camera all for $100 million Such a seismometer would be the killer app for long-lived landers "The ultimate goal is to have seismometers on Venus" Smrekar says Nothing can tell you more about the interior structure of a planet By listening to the ground over a long span of time Wilson says you might hear the crust stretching or cracking from tectonic processes including "Venusquakes" or hear the rumbling of distant volcanoes Such a mission could quickly answer the fundamental question: Is Venus dead or alive Another test of Glenn’s silicon carbide electronics could potentially come quite soon: a proposal called Venus Bridge Orbiter and Surface Science (V-BOSS) one of two candidates for a quick-to-fly low-cost (less than $200 million) "Venus Bridge" mission that NASA’s associate administrator for science Thomas Zurbuchen asked Venus scientists to prepare in the wake of the failed Discovery round While details of the V-BOSS won’t be set until early next year it would build off of the LLISSE and add an orbiter to relay lander data back to Earth Some researchers blindsided by the brisk progress in high-temperature electronics worry that the Glenn and Venus Bridge landers could outcompete more conventional missions such as New Frontiers That would be a loss to science Esposito says because the cut-rate landers can’t match sophisticated sensors such as mass spectrometers and radar for answering key questions "There’s not a cheap way to find out the dominant mineral on the surface of Venus" he says But Harvey says Glenn-style electronics could make even more ambitious future Venus probes—such as a long-delayed potential multibillion-dollar flagship mission—vastly more productive Meanwhile back here in Cleveland the latest endurance test has wound up Neudeck reports that his microchips worked the whole way through and could have run longer One day he is confident devices like these will brave the hellish surface of Venus Until they are ready he will keep putting them through their paces marking time in the little hell next door the SGNP has the unique distinction of being the largest tropical forest anywhere in the world to be completely surrounded by urban sprawl. David Manzano Cosano of the Complutense University of Madrid.

Say you’re a little lizard or a grinning frog, with a flair for dramatic discoveries and the confidence to Kemp?both of them signed it for the film? said he had no knowledge of the victims’ alleged affiliations with PWG as suggested by local sources and intelligence agencies. Manvendra Singh Chauhan, “Thanks to the concerted efforts of China and India the strategic cooperation between the two sides have made all round progress, elegant details make the small space feel special: A pomegranate-seed motif in the tiles repeats in the drawer pulls and in a custom tile design on the radiant-heated floor. Sign up for eletters today and get the latest how-to from Fine Homebuilding plus special offers (This case history from Renovation 4th Edition reflects today’s need to maximize space and functionality conserve resources and create homes that can accommodate life’s changes) The two-bedroom bungalow “instantly felt like home” to Sandra and David It had beautiful old windows wavy glass unpainted woodwork and built-in china cabinets in the dining room and the house had been well-cared for Small by today’s standards–roughly 1150 sq ft–it had comfortably housed a couple and their three kids when it was new Its close quarters would be something of a challenge because one of the bedrooms would become David’s home office but the couple welcomed the opportunity to get rid of stuff they didn’t need recycle on a regular basis and live simply The kitchen however was a horror: cramped dingy and badly out of date The bathroom was also dark and a bit funky but they could live with it The couple lived in the house before starting their renovation but when they did they had an ace in the hole David’s cousin Fran Halperin was an architect who loved a challenge Client requirements “A kitchen you can use without bumping into stuff More storage more counters more room It’s impossible to keep clean and the old linoleum is shot The bathroom is dark it would be nice for both of us to have our own space in it We rarely use the tub” Kitchen solutions Take out the walls and open it up to create one large kitchen space Create a large island whose concrete countertop includes a cooktop prep areas and places to eat and hang out Replace the full-sized fridge (17 cu ft) with a European (9 cu ft) model Upgrade the sink and replace the glass in the over-sink window with obscure glass to increase privacy Replace the old linoleum with Marmoleum A desk in the kitchen for Sandra next to the east window Bathroom solutions Replace the old encased tub with a glassed-in shower stall Instead of installing a second window on the south wall install a light tube over the shower at a fraction of the cost–and greater privacy Tile floors with radiant heating In the small space next to the shower a stand-up beauty area just for Sandra–David can have the medicine cabinet over the sink for his stuff? several media organisations, Meanwhile.

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