The Looney Rule

first_imgMay Day, May Day, red phone ringin’, red phone singin’, head coach going down, no head coach gone down. No, folks this is not one of the scenes from the Black cinema classic, “Pootytang” that I happened to steal from the cutting room floor a few years ago.This is some reality TV type craziness. Pitt hired Mike Haywood, who led Miami (Ohio) to the MAC championship during the 2010 season after Dave Wannestedt resigned as the Panthers head football coach under duress. Now less than a month after he was hired as the first African-American head men’s football coach in the history of the university, Haywood has been unceremoniously dismissed as a result of some serious “felonious” domestic battery charges levied against him.Many Black folks on the streets of the city of Pittsburgh were expressing anger and frustration as a result of the firing of the now former “hire.” You cannot really say that he was Pitt’s coach. Heck the man never coached a game.If Mr. Haywood is guilty of the violations that he is accused of and the “glove” does fit, not only is his firing justified; is it possible that the assistant coaches that followed him to the University and who are now unemployed have the right to file a civil suit(s) against him for punitive damages?Please take a closer look at the lives he has damaged behind his own selfish actions and lack of spiritual, mental, moral and physical discipline.Haywood had the audacity to say this about his dismissal; “It isn’t fair. The truth will eventually come out.”No “mad” Mike; what isn’t fair is the stress thrust upon a group of assistant coaches not realizing that they were being loyal to a master of stupidity. Think about the men who sold houses to buy houses having to probably look for apartments, uprooting their families just because you fooled them into believing in you.Mike Haywood strutted into the Steel City crowing like a cock in a henhouse on Easter but he exited the Fort Pitt tunnels stumbling, fumbling and mumbling without ever coaching one single game. His “future” body of work now lies cold on the pavement of reality without life and the scene of the crime only outlined by the “chalk talk” of his misrepresentations.One former staffer with the university had this to say in the aftermath of Haywood’s dismissal. “I was very disappointed when they hired him. He was from a small school with only two years’ experience and the first was miserable, so he only had one year of being a proven winner as a head coach. He did have a few years as an assistant but he never stayed anywhere very long to prove himself. I feel sorry for him. He needs to try to land a job as an assistant again somewhere; maybe Charlie Weiss will give him something at Florida.”For his stupidity Mike Haywood does not deserve another coaching position, at least not in the near future. How does; “welcome to McDonalds how may I help you, sound to you?” No Mike wait on the next person, I’m still looking.(Aubrey Bruce can be reached at: abruce@new­pittsburgh­ or 412-583-6741.)last_img