Martí organizes group sessions to “not lose joy”

first_imgMaintain the illusion, union, motivation and hope is one of the big goals that has been marked Pep Lluís Martí during these days of confinement. He Girona coach is aware that it is vital not to get depressed and that is why over the last few weeks he has organized a series of group training sessions. All players and coaching staff connect by video call and they do the exercises that are marking the physical trainer rojiblanco, Nestor Salmerón. The objective, to have a good time without neglecting the physical form.Under the proclamation “from home, but With all energy. There is no time for rest. We keep going “, Girona has sleepless part of a group work session of which the Girona team has been performing in recent days and at the beginning Pep Lluís is heard Martí saying “we have to go getting ready and generate this type of training to make it as dynamic as possible. You can do all the jokes you wantThat’s what it’s about, not losing joy. “And that’s the key to everything, don’t lose the smile and try, despite the confinement, to unite the entire group so that when it returns to normal it is done with the greatest possible positive energy. The objective that Girona aims to achieve this course, which is none other than promotion is important and hence there is no time to lose. Despite the distance, Players continue to maintain a daily contact between them through video calls and the atmosphere that is lived during the sessions is very good. Salmerón is the one that marks the exercises to perform and even the other members of the coaching staff try to join. A job of cardio with mobility, strength, push-ups Y ABS. All to maintain fitness and players to spend time together and distracted. Varying the routine, in addition, is crucial during confinement to find new incentives.last_img