Casablanca Hosts 17th Annual Freight Forwarders Conference

Rabat – Five-hundred experts and business leaders from 20 countries gathered May 4 to 6 at Hayat Regency in Casablanca for the 17th Annual Conference of Freight Forwarders of Africa and the Middle East region (RAME).Under the title “Connect and achieve with efficiency and sustainability”, the three-day symposium aimed to motivate and discuss the development of investments as well as to highlight achievement of Moroccan Freight Forwarders Association (AFFM) members during International Federation of Freight Forwarders (FIATA) meetings.AFFM chairman Rachid Tahri said that 2017 is an opportunity for Morocco and AFFM to emphasize the “Africanity” of the kingdom. The global event also showcased the efforts made by the Morocco in the development of logistics and transport sectors. “By organizing this international meeting Morocco asserts its African leadership and confirms its role as an international logistics hub in the Mediterranean area and Africa,” explained AFFM president.The event was organized by FIATA in coordination with the Ministry of Equipment, Transport, Logistics and Water and the AFFM.