Attempt being made to destroy the Constitution

first_imgSilchar: Coming down heavily on the BJP, Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi Vadra on Sunday said the Constitution is not respected, and an attempt is being made to destroy it by the present dispensation.Holding a roadshow in Silchar in support of Congress candidate and sitting MP Sushmita Dev, she also said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi had toured the world over, but hardly spent time in his constituency in Varanasi. “It is ‘Mahapurush’ (B R) Ambedkar’s birth anniversary. He laid the foundation of this country through the Constitution. Every leader has to respect that Constitution. Also Read – India gets first tranche of Swiss bank a/c details”Today, you are seeing that the Constitution is not respected and an attempt is being made to destroy it,” said Gandhi, who is Congress’s general secretary in-charge of Uttar Pradesh East. Slamming the BJP manifesto, she said there is no space for different cultures and religions in it, as well as any respect for the Constitution. “On the other hand, the Congress manifesto has the ‘NYAY’ scheme, under which a low-income family will get Rs 72,000 annually… In every word, there is respect for the Constitution,” she said. Gandhi said people in Varanasi told her that Modi did not spend even five minutes with anyone there in the last five years.last_img read more

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Chine éviter la panique après une victime de la grippe aviaire

first_imgChine : éviter la panique après une victime de la grippe aviaireUn an et demi après le dernier cas recensé, un chauffeur d’autobus de Shenzen, la grande ville du sud de la Chine proche de Hong Kong, est décédé samedi du virus mortel de la grippe aviaire. Les autorités chinoises ont appelé la population à ne pas paniquer.Cet homme de 39 ans, M. Chen, a été pris de fièvre le 21 décembre avant d’être transporté 4 jours plus tard à l’hôpital. Une pneumonie grave lui a d’abord été diagnostiquée mais il a ensuite été testé positif au virus H5N1 de la grippe aviaire, constituant ainsi le tout rpemeir cas depuis près de 18 moins, a indiqué le département de la Santé de Shenzen. “Jusqu’à présent, les 120 personnes qui ont été en contact avec cet homme récemment ne présentent aucun signe de maladie”.À lire aussiLa Chine confirme qu’une autre femme pourrait donner naissance à un bébé génétiquement modifiéLa victime n’avait a priori eu aucun contact avec des volatiles et “aucune information concernant des oiseaux malades” n‘a été révélée, a précisé le bureau de l’Agriculture et de la Pêche.Il n’y a donc “aucune raison pour l’instant d’abattre des volailles”, a t-il ajouté. Rien ne prédisait ce décès un an et demi après le début de l’épidémie. Pourtant, Hong Kong, ville voisine de Shenzen, a élevé son niveau d’alerte à la grippe aviaire dès mardi et a stoppé toutes les importations de volaille vivante après la mort mi-décembre de trois volatiles porteurs du virus H5N1. Hong Kong a en effet été le premier pays à connaître une épidémie de grippe aviaire d’importance en 1997 qui avait fait 6 victimes après la mutation du virus. A l’heure actuelle, les autorités craignent que le virus mortel dans 60% des cas ne connaisse un pic d’infection début 2012. Par ailleurs, la contamination par le virus H5N1 s’est toujours faite de l’animal vers l’homme, mais les scientifiques redoutent qu’une mutation du même genre ne permette la contamination d’homme à homme, ce qui pourrait provoquer une pandémie meurtrière. Malgré tout, les autorités de Shenzhen ont tenu à rassurer la population : “le virus ne peut pas se propager entre personnes, et il ne faut pas que les citoyens de Shenzhen paniquent”, a déclaré le Centre de contrôle des maladies de Shenzhen cité par l’AFP. Le 2 janvier 2012 à 10:33 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

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Crash on I205 near state line stalling traffic

first_imgA crash on southbound Interstate 205 near the Oregon state line stalled — nearly stopped — traffic out of Vancouver on Friday morning.The crash was reported at 6:35 a.m. at Milepost 26, according to the Washington State Department of Transportation. A traffic alert said two left lanes were blocked. Emergency vehicles quickly responded to the scene.Drivers were delayed for more than an hour. Traffic started picking up shortly after 8 a.m., but traffic officials said the commute would be a crawl as vehicles were backed up all the way to Padden Parkway.last_img

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Japan emperor Akihito being treated for brain condition

first_imgThis file photo taken on 25 April 2018 shows Japan`s Emperor Akihito smiling during the spring garden party hosted by the emperor in Tokyo. Japan`s 84-year-old Emperor Akihito cancelled his official duties on 2 July 2018 after being taken ill, the country`s top government spokesman said. Photo: AFPJapan’s 84-year-old emperor Akihito cancelled his official duties on Monday after being taken ill as a result of insufficient blood flow to his brain, the country’s top government spokesman said.Akihito shocked the country in 2016 when he signalled his desire to step down after nearly three decades in the job, citing his age and health problems.Early on Monday the emperor “had a sudden feeling of sickness and heavy sweating” and Empress Michiko “immediately brought in the palace doctor,” Yoshihide Suga told reporters.The doctor diagnosed the emperor with “symptoms of vertigo and nausea due to cerebral anemia, which require a complete rest and follow-up checks”, said Suga, the chief cabinet secretary, speaking at a regular press conference.Cerebral anaemia is a condition resulting from insufficient blood flow to the brain.Akihito had been due to meet Monday with princess Ayako, a daughter of one of his cousins, to hear about her engagement, a spokesman for the Imperial Household Agency told AFP.”We don’t have further details” about the emperor’s health condition, he added.The emperor also postponed his planned meeting with the Qatari ambassador who is scheduled to leave Japan soon, local media reported.It was not clear when Akihito would resume his public duties.He will be the first emperor to retire — on April 30, 2019 — in more than two centuries in the world’s oldest imperial family.Akihito’s eldest son, 58-year-old Crown Prince Naruhito, is set to ascend the Chrysanthemum Throne a day later.The status of the emperor is sensitive in Japan — a legacy of the massive Pacific war waged in the name of Akihito’s father Hirohito, who died in 1989.Akihito has keenly embraced the more modern role as a symbol of the state which was imposed on the royal family after World War II ended. Previous emperors including Hirohito had been treated as semi-divine.last_img
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Relative Pregnant Woman 3 Children InLaws Slain In Texas

first_imgInstagram User @StatesmanCarrie Matula hugs Rebecca Metcalf after Metcalf’s father was killed in a mass shooting at the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, on Sunday, Nov. 5, 2017.A mother’s pride had lit up Crystal Holcombe’s Facebook page. Daughters Emily and Megan had finished third and first in their respective categories in a 4-H bakeoff and displayed their handiwork in posted photos.But on Sunday afternoon, the page went grim.“Keep the Holcombe family in your prayers,” a friend posted.Crystal Holcombe, who was eight months pregnant, was among the 26 people killed by a lone gunman wielding an assault rifle, most inside the First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs, Texas, said her cousin, Nick Uhlig.Uhlig told The Associated Press that Holcombe’s in-laws were killed, and he told the Houston Chronicle that three of Holcombe’s children also died.“She doesn’t even drink, smoke or nothing,” he told the newspaper. “She just takes care of kids; she raises goats and makes homemade cheese. That kind of thing, you know? They don’t go out dancing or anything like that. They’re real old-fashioned, down-to-earth.”The father-in-law, Bryan Holcombe, had done prison ministry, Uhlig said. “He would go up to the prison with a ukulele to sing.”The massacred churchgoers ranged in age from 5 to 72, state police said. About 20 others were wounded.One local man, 68-year-old Earl Good, told the San Antonio Express-News that a good friend had lost eight relatives in the shooting.It’s not clear whether the Holcombes were that family.Another victim was 14-year-old Annabelle Pomeroy, daughter of the church’s pastor, Frank Pomeroy. Both he and his wife were out of town, in different states, on Sunday.“Heaven truly gained a real beautiful angel this morning along with many more,” the girl’s uncle, Scott Pomeroy, lamented on his Facebook page, posting a picture of the smiling girl poolside in a bathing suit. All those robbed of life in Sunday’s bloodbath, he wrote, “have taken their last breath of dirty air and took their first breath of heavenly air with new bodies with no pain and suffering.”Another of those killed was the 13-year-old goddaughter of Amanda Mosel, she told the Express-News.Hank Summers, a local who had moved to San Antonio, told the AP via text message that his uncle, David Colbath, survived five gunshots that required extensive surgery and skin grafts to save an arm.Sutherland Springs is a tiny town where everyone knows each other, said L.G. Moore, who runs the Holiday RV Park, which is ¼ mile from the church.Everyone in town was apt to know someone who was killed, he ventured.“They say the population is 400 and that’s if you count every dog, cat and armadillo. It’s more like 200 people,” the 75-year-old Moore said by phone.___Bajak reported from Houston. Sharelast_img read more

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Can Newtons 2nd Law be Violated on Earth

first_img Ignatiev has devised a way of detecting one such special case, dealing with small accelerations on earth. This type of experiment is something widely considered so difficult that it has been dismissed in the past as impossible. “We already have observation of this theory in astrophysical evidence,” Ignatiev, a scientist at Melbourne’s Theoretical Physics Research Institute in Australia, points out. “I want to look at how it works on earth.” Ignatiev’s Suggestion on how this could be accomplished has been published in Physical Review Letters as “Is Violation of Newton’s Second Law Possible?”And the implications if Newton’s 2nd Law is violated under special conditions on earth? “Well,” says Ignatiev, “this is dealing with fundamental physics. If Newton’s Law can be seen to be violated on Earth, then everything we know has to be re-evaluated.”But this is where the difficulties with Ignatiev’s Suggestion begin. “The conditions for testing this are really special,” he explains. “Time and place have to be accounted for.” According to Ignatiev, the possible places to conduct this experiment lie 80 degrees north and south of the equator. “These are latitudes in places like Antarctica and Greenland — not exactly hospitable areas.” But timing is important as well. “It must be very finely tuned,” Ignatiev insists. “Only two instances during the year, around the two equinox dates, for about 1/1000th of a second.”If these experiments were to take place, Ignatiev says that scientists would look for what he calls the SHLEM effect. This acronym stands for static high latitude equinox modified inertia and would be noticed in a condition where the forces of the earth’s rotation on its axis, and of the orbital force of the earth as it moves around the sun, would be canceled out. “This would lead to a tiny shift to be detected,” Ignatiev explains.But how feasible is this? Aside from the calculations that he says he already has for figuring the dates, times and locations for the SHLEM effect to manifest, Ignatiev says that the experiment could be done — it’s not impossible as previously thought. “Gravitational wave detectors are great starting points,” he says. Ignatiev explains that searching for tiny shifts in gravity could help understand tiny displacements, or accelerations. “Even though we are looking at different forces,” Ignatiev says, “the methods of detecting for gravity can be borrowed for this research. After all, gravity is a weak force with all sorts of tiny shifts, and the acceleration shifts are likewise weak and tiny.” And, he adds, there are plenty of these gravitational wave detectors in use and more being built. “There are many of them available, and they could further this research.”Despite the special conditions needed to test for violations of Newton’s 2nd Law on Earth, Ignatiev feels that it would be worthwhile. “This would be difficult, but not impossible. The SHLEM effect is the key. And if we can find a violation, it would be huge for fundamental physics.”Ignatiev’s paper is available free online at .Update: Paper ref. Phys. Rev. D 77, 102001 (2008), gr-qc/0802.1599Copyright 2007 All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed in whole or part without the express written permission of Astrophysicists have found evidence that a corrected version of Newton’s 2nd Law (which deals with the acceleration of mass) works well on the grand scale of the universe. These modifications to Newtonian physics are known as “modified Newtonian dynamics (MOND). “Newton offers a foundation for classical mechanics in the relationship of force, mass and accelerations,” Alex Ignatiev explains to “These are always true, except in special cases.” Citation: Can Newton’s 2nd Law be Violated on Earth? (2007, March 20) retrieved 18 August 2019 from This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only.last_img read more

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When Employees Feel Grateful Theyre Less Likely to Be Dishonest

first_imgDishonesty in the workplace can be a major problem for any business. Recent estimates suggest that theft and fraud by employees reduce the profits of U.S. businesses by $50 billion annually. And to make matters worse, the problem is growing. The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners noted that non-cash thefts in workplaces increased over 10% from 2002 to 2018. — My colleagues and I, however, believe that there might be a different way to address the problem — one that works from the “bottom-up.” What I mean by this is a strategy that doesn’t rely on people remembering to try to control selfish impulses, but rather one that automatically strengthens’ people’s ability to resist temptation. Since our past work had revealed that feelings of gratitude work in just this way — that they effortlessly enhance patience and self-control — we wanted to see if gratitude would also reduce dishonest behavior. The toll, however, isn’t just a financial one. Working in an environment with unethical peers not only can cause stress, but also can lead honest employees to either leave the company or begin to adopt unethical norms for themselves, thereby exacerbating the effects on a corporation’s culture. To examine this question, we conducted two experiments, the results of which will be published in the journal Psychological Science. In one of these experiments, we asked 141 people to participate in an online study using Amazon MTurk that purportedly examined different types of memories. To induce appropriate emotional states, we randomly assigned each person to write about a time they felt grateful, a time they felt happy and amused, or about the events of their typical day (i.e., a neutral memory). Read the whole story: Harvard Business Reviewlast_img read more

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Reservations open for Carnival Panoramas 2019 debut

first_img MIAMI — Carnival has opened the books on Carnival Panorama ahead of the ship’s first season of year-round seven-day Mexican Riviera sailings out of Long Beach, CA, starting Dec. 14, 2019.The 133,500-ton Carnival Panorama will be the first new Carnival ship homeported on the West Coast in 20 years.Prior to the launch of seven-day service, Carnival Panorama will sail a one-time three-day cruise to Ensenada from Long Beach Dec. 11-14, 2019.From there Carnival Panorama will offer a three-port, seven-day itinerary from Long Beach, departing every Saturday to destinations along the Mexican Riviera, including Cabo San Lucas, Mazatlán and Puerto Vallarta.“Carnival Panorama promises to be a spectacular addition to our fleet and we’re delighted to provide our guests with an opportunity to be among the first to sail on our first new ship on the West Coast in two decades,” said Carnival Cruise Line President Christine Duffy.The ship will sail out of Long Beach Cruise Terminal, housed in the 146,000-square-foot geodesic dome that was once home to Howard Hughes’ Spruce Goose airplane.More news:  AMResorts has a new Sr. Dir. of Cdn. Sales & Consortia Rel’nsCurrently under construction at the Fincantieri shipyard in Marghera, Italy, Carnival Panorama will offer Carnival’s bike-ride-in-the-sky attraction SkyRide, a massive WaterWorks aqua park and the SportSquare open-air recreation area. Other highlights include the Havana section with tropics-inspired staterooms and its own Cuban-themed bar and pool, Family Harbor and the Cloud 9 Spa. More details about innovations unique to the ship will be announced at a later date, says Carnival. Share Posted by Reservations open for Carnival Panorama’s 2019 debut << Previous PostNext Post >>center_img Travelweek Group Tags: Carnival Cruise Line Thursday, March 22, 2018 last_img read more

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Tourism Chamber Please support businesses outside Poás safety perimeter

first_imgFor one great recommendation in the Poás area, check out The Tico Times Travel section’s La Paz Waterfall Gardens review. Facebook Comments The National Tourism Chamber (CANATUR) is calling on the population not to forget about the Poás Volcano region altogether, but rather to visit the many destinations in areas outside the security perimeter.The volcano’s ongoing activity, the temporary closure of the national park, and the resulting establishment of a security perimeter around the volcano have hurt nearby tourism businesses, the chamber noted.The National Emergency Commission (CNE) said in a news release that their preventive actions in recent past days “do not represent restrictions on tourist and productive activities in surrounding areas.”The restricted perimeter is now 2 kilometers (1.2 miles) around the volcano. National Police officers already relocated checkpoints to improve access to businesses and tourism attractions outside that area.Caution, not fearCANATUR President Isabel Vargas said that current weather conditions are favorable and that hotels, restaurants and other businesses in nearby areas are working as usual.“We know that some people are afraid to visit some of these areas, and this poses a risk to the economic stability of many families and businesses,” she said.Vargas said the chamber is in close contact with local tourism chambers to keep business owners organized in order to face the situation. She asked the population to follow all CNE’s recommendations and orders and refrain from entering the restricted areas. However, she also asked them to visit communities such as Fraijanes, Poasito, Vara Blanca and others outside the security perimeter.Edgardo Araya Sibaja, a lawmaker from the province of Alajuela, asked the Costa Rica Tourism Board and the Poás Municipality to promote all other tourist destinations in the area.In a Facebook post, Araya pointed out that “the area that had to be closed is small, compared to the large number of attractions available at this tourist destination and that are open and waiting for local and foreign tourists,” he said. Related posts:UPDATE: Poás Volcano eruption prompts temporary closure of national park Poás Volcano closed indefinitely; Turrialba keeps spewing ash President Solís tours Poás Volcano region following strong explosion Tourism entrepreneurs oppose license, royalty payments to canopy patent holderlast_img read more

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Spanish man questioned over university attack plot

first_imgAssociated PressMADRID (AP) – A Spanish man arrested on suspicion of planning to imitate the 1999 Columbine killings at a university campus on the popular holiday island of Mallorca was ordered Friday to remain in custody while a judge decides what legal action to take.The suspect, identified by officials only as a 21-year-old whose initials are J.M.M.S., was shown on state television TVE as he was escorted to court by police. Sponsored Stories Mary Coyle ice cream to reopen in central Phoenix Former Arizona Rep. Don Shooter shows health improvement Judge Enrique Morell handed down a decision of provisional prison without bail for the suspect, who was arrested Wednesday. The judge said he had decided to keep the man in custody to avoid any risk he might tamper with evidence.A court spokeswoman said the suspect entered the courthouse smiling before answering questions posed by Morell. The official spoke on condition of anonymity because she wasn’t authorized to speak to the media.Spanish police said the man had tried to purchase guns for the attack, but opted to make bombs from 140 kilograms (310 pounds) of chemicals bought online.In a statement, police said they had been watching the man for the past five months after messages referring to Columbine began appearing on Internet pages in Spain. A Venezuelan journalist working in Japan alerted police to the suspicious content of some of the suspect’s online postings.The statement said the man had openly expressed his hatred for society, and particularly students. A police spokesman said there was nothing to indicate that the man had planned to carry out the attack for any set ideological reasons.Twelve students and one teacher were killed in the Columbine attack in Colorado. The two perpetrators then killed themselves. The Spanish man’s diary indicated he had considered committing suicide once he had carried out the attack. Construction begins on Chandler hospital expansion project Check your body, save your life Quick workouts for men Comments   Share   Top Stories Bottoms up! Enjoy a cold one for International Beer Day (Copyright 2012 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.) 5 ways to recognize low testosteronelast_img read more

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HARP Volume Surpasses FHFA Expectations in 2012

first_img Agents & Brokers Attorneys & Title Companies Fannie Mae FHFA Freddie Mac Investors Lenders & Servicers Refinance Service Providers 2013-03-13 Tory Barringer refinance,HARP Volume Surpasses FHFA Expectations in 2012 Share March 13, 2013 418 Views center_img in Data, Origination Refinance volume under the Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP) pulled back slightly in Q4 2012, but data from the “”Federal Housing Finance Agency””: (FHFA) indicates interest in the program remains high.[IMAGE]FHFA’s “”December 2012 Refinance Report””: shows HARP volume was 76,461 in the year’s final month. For the quarter, HARP volume was 297,461, representing 22 percent of total refinance volume reported by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.According to FHFA, nearly 1.1 million HARP refinances were completed in 2012, bringing total volume to 2.2 million since the program’s implementation in April 2009.The top five states for HARP refinances (since 2009) are California (which has reported 301,327 refinances under the program), Florida (175,686), Illinois (147,252), Michigan (144,709), and Arizona (106,387). In terms of HARP share, Nevada takes the No. 1 spot, with 46 percent of refinances since April 2009 falling under the program (compared to the national average of 15 percent). In December alone, HARP refinances represented 68 percent of total refinances in the state, triple the national average of 21 percent.FHFA also reported most HARP refinances since the program’s inception have been on primary residences (1,895,827 loans). Second homes comprised 69,522 HARP refinances, and 199,672 were for investment properties.In December, 18 percent of HARP refinances for underwater borrowers were for 15- and 20-year mortgages, which build equity faster than the traditional 30-year mortgage. The findings fit with Freddie Mac’s “”refinance data””:, which showed that 27 percent of borrowers who refinanced in Q4 opted for a shorter loan term.last_img read more

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Skyscanner is the worlds travel search engine he

first_imgSkyscanner is the world’s travel search engine, helping your money go further on flights, hotels and car hire.ReturnOne wayMulti-cityFromAdd nearby airports ToAdd nearby airportsDepart14/08/2019Return21/08/2019Cabin Class & Travellers1 adult, EconomyDirect flights onlySearch flights Map Revolutionary tourism (aka Revolutionism)Related to War tourism, Revolutionary tourism is the practice of visiting countries and sites that have undergone major political revolutions. Whilst places that have played key roles in revolutions have always been points of interest for travellers, tourism officials in Egypt and Tunisia believe that the sites which were integral to the recent revolutions will become significant tourist attractions, according to the French publication L’internaute.Savecation (aka Austerication)The practice of trying to save as much money as possible on holiday, by selecting cheaper accommodation, food, or even destination. The term is somewhat vague as most people naturally select the best value holidays anyway.Set jettingTourism that revolves around traveling to movies sets and film locations. Destinations to have benefited substantially from set jetters include New Zealand following the Lord of the Rings trilogy (see Hobbiton, pictured below) and various locations in the UK following the Harry Potter films. HaycationA working holiday, typically spent on a farm often working with livestock or crops. Many farms take on volunteers, and lowly-paid workers such as backpackers in Australia often find work picking strawberries or other fruit during the summer. See also: voluntourism.HistoricationTravel to any location with the goal of learning about the history or visiting historic sites. The Egyptian pyramids are a classic example of a historication destination, although almost every country has some sites of interest to the historicationer. HolisticationA holiday involving yoga, meditation, or other such ‘well being’ experiences. Holistic retreats have become especially popular following the book and film ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ in which the lead character travels to retreats in Bali and India (also see: Set Jetters).LaycationTongue in cheek term used to describe a trip where holidaymakers hope to find opportunities to have sexual relations. The choice of destination is a strong factor in the success of a laycation; Magaluf and Santorini are known hot spots for those seeking ‘sexy time’, whilst the barren island of Svalbard within the arctic circle is likely to disappoint laycationers.Last chance tourismThe practice of visiting sites which are threatened with disappearance or extinction. For example polar landscapes which are disappearing due to climate change, or the Siberian Tiger which is critically endangered. See also: ecotourism.List TickerThose who travel with the sole purpose of doing things purely to boast about having done them on their return home, regardless of whether they enjoyed the experience or not. List tickers typically claim to have “done” a destination after spending just a few hours in one part of the country. For example, a list ticker will boast to friends back home that they have “totally done Thailand” after spending one night in a backpackers’ bar on Bangkok’s Khao San road. DaycationA one day holiday or day trip. For those short on time, money or the inclination to take a longer vacation. Daycationers may catch the red eye flight ensuring they have time to visit the main tourist attractions but avoid having to pay for accommodation. Cities with airports close to the city centre make particularly good daycation destinations, for example Tallinn (airport just 3 miles from city centre), Lisbon (airport 4 miles away) and London (City airport 6 miles away).Death tourism (aka Dark tourism)The practice of travelling to visit the graves, homes or other places that played a significant part in the life of a since deceased celebrity. For example, thousands flock to Jim Morrison’s grave, Elvis’ Graceland Mansion and Aberdeen in Washington State, Nirvana front man Kurt Cobain’s home town. Read more: Destination: Death TouristDisneyficationIn a travel context, Disneyfication is used to describe the transformation of an attraction or location into something with the homogenous qualities of a Walt Disney theme park. The term normally has a negative connotation and implies that the original character of a destination has been replaced by a dumbed down, sometimes corporate entity, which relies heavily on consumption and merchandising, at the expensive of individuality and independence. Examples include Carcassonne Castle in France and Jamaica’s beach resorts.DownbraggingThe practice of bragging about the savings one is making so that an individual appears not to be spending irresponsibly during a time when others are suffering economic hardship. However, downbragging is often just a guise, with downbraggers claiming they are “just going to stay home this year” when they are in fact staying in a boutique country house hotel with daily spa treatments a Michelin-starred restaurant, and personal chauffeur. See also Austerication.Drug tourism (aka Tripteering, Highliday)Travelling to a destination specifically to take a drug which may be illegal, unavailable or simply less socially acceptable in the consumers’ home country. The most prominent example of drug tourism is in Amsterdam where thousands of tourists go each year in order to consume cannabis. Americans under the age of 21 may also travel to neighbouring Canada or Mexico where legal drinking ages are lower. Other, more exotic drugs traditionally used by some indigenous populations also attract drug tourists, for example the hallucinogenic San Pedro cactus in Peru. GaycationHoliday undertaken by a member of members of the gay community especially to a place known for being gay friendly, such as Ibiza or Sitges, or to attend a large gay event, for example Pride. Popular Gaycation destinations include Brighton, Berlin and San Francisco.Generation vacationVacation where three generations of a family holiday together. The practice has seen a resurgence in popularity since the economic downturn due to the potential of saving money by holidaying with parents and grandparents. The younger generations tend to be the biggest benefactors of Greycations, as it’s normally ma, pa or the granps who pay. The generation vacation has also been referred to as a Greycation (see below).GreycationAt its most basic, a greycation is a holiday for old people; however the term tends to be used for the increasing trend for retried people to spend prolonged periods on holiday, often with others of similar age. Ethical tourismRelated to ecotourism, this is the practice to travelling in the most low impact, undamaging way towards the local environment, people and culture as possible. The ethics of travelling to a certain location are also brought into play; for example travel certain destinations where there is some debate over whether tourists should visit at all. See also: ecotourism.ExperimentouristAn experimental traveller who is open-minded when it comes to choosing a holiday destination. Decisions on where to go are most likely to be based on price; Skyscanner found that 15 percent of visitors to its site will try the “search everywhere” tool to find the best prices around the globe. See more on Types of Flight booker FakeationThe unusual practice of staying at home but pretending to others that you are on holiday. Fakecation pastimes may include turning background music on loudly to pretend you are at a discothèque, or letting the tap run while on the phone to a friend giving the illusion that you are at waterpark. Some fakeationers have been known to go as far as applying a full coat of fake tan and taking photos of themselves in the local sandpit, hoping to be able to fool their friends into believing that the park in their suburb of Birmingham is actually an exotic Caribbean beach resort. See also: downbragging.FlyrtingThe trend of flirting whilst flying as identified in a Skyscanner poll in February 2011. Skyscanner subsequently set up a Flyrting Twitter account for those who had met on planes to get in touch, similar to the “I saw you…” columns that feature in some papers and magazines.Gap yearAn extended period of holiday or travel, approximately 12 months (but sometimes less or often more. Originally the term was used to describe time taken out during the year in between finishing school and starting university, or immediately after university. However, usage has since been used to include any extended break abroad at any period in a person’s life, and there is an increasing trend for gap years later in life. The thirst for gap years has led some companies to offer condensed gap ‘year’ experiences – some as short as two weeks. MaycationHoliday taken in May, normally during one of the two May bank holidays. The Maycation marks the trend for short breaks which can be extended by a bank holiday. In 2011, due to the Royal Wedding of Kate and Will, an extra day of national holiday has been granted to the British residents. Due to the timing of Easter holidays, and counting weekends too, British nationals can get 11 consecutive days of holiday for the price of just three vacation days.Medication or Medical tourismDue to significant differences in prices between medical services in difference countries (both for essential operations as well as cosmetic procedures) an industry has grown up around people going abroad for medical care. This can range from dental work, to breast enhancements, to organ transplants in countries where kidneys can be purchased very cheaply from high street supermarkets.Off the beaten track holidayA trip taken away from the normal tourist hordes – either to a remote or inaccessible destination, for example the Kamchatka peninsula in Russia (pictured below) or to somewhere just not normally considered a tourist destination by the mainstream; for example Beirut or Albania. EcotourismA branch of the tourist industry that markets itself on ‘green travel’ or holidays with low environmental impact. However, the actual negative impact of some ecotourism holidays is hotly debated as those visiting fragile locations almost certainly contribute to the destruction of these environments, though are likely to contribute economically. Ecotourists also tend to enjoy relatively luxurious accommodation compared to the local population, which can emphasise the divide between tourist and native.Though the theory of ecotourism is sound, to travel with zero impact is almost impossible in practice. However, choosing certain types of transport, or a hotel that has better ‘green credentials’ over another, can certainly lessen the negative impact caused by tourism. See also: ethical tourism.EgotouristTerm coined following the birth of ecotourism (see above) which describes those who like the idea of seeing wildlife and meeting local people, but will only stay in nine star hotels with servants and a chauffeur, thus removing them from any meaningful cultural contact with the local population. BakeationA foodie holiday, dedicated to the pursuit of unearthing the most mouth-watering morsels of bakery. Not just restricted to sponge, all forms of baked goods and patisserie are included, from bread to croissants to the most elaborate of cakes. For example, the Black Forest region in Germany attracts many visitors for its gateaux and Budapest is known for its ‘Dobos Torte’ the most famous cake in Hungary.Bankruptcy tourism (aka Skintourism)Following the taming of the ‘Celtic Tiger’, some super skint Irish nationals began moving to Britain for a short period in order to claim bankruptcy due to more lenient bankruptcy laws in the UK. The term was identified by The Guardian in February 2011.Comedication (aka Hysterication)Travelling in search of laugher or an amusing experience. Comedicationists can often be found at large comedy festivals in Melbourne, Montreal or Edinburgh (pictured below) in April, July and August respectively. StaycationA holiday taken within one’s own country (or even one’s own home) rather than travelling abroad. Coined during the economic downturn during which there was an increase in domestic tourism.StereotripTravelling to a destination with the specific intention of experiencing something typical (or stereotypical) to that country or region. For example drinking vodka in Ukraine whilst dancing the Cossack, or eating deep-fried Mars Bars whilst wearing a kilt and playing the bagpipes in Scotland. See also: List tickers.VestinationA destination where you will see (usually sunburnt) men in vests. The early pioneer of vestinations were British seaside resorts such as Blackpool and Bognor Regis, where men wearing string vests and knotted hankies could be found getting rained upon. However, locations for vestinations have since changed with young men wearing high street branded vests for the modern man, bringing classic vest fashion bang up to date. Current vestinations include (but are not limited to): Benidorm, Malaga and Santorini. Volcation / Volcano voyeurismA trip made specifically to observe volcanic activity. Although this type of holiday has long been around, the erupting of the Icelandic volcano in 2010 which paralysed European airspace, lead to resurgence of interest for lava lovers. PaycationA holiday or extended period abroad where the traveller works to fund their stay or even save money for future travels. Favourite paycations include: teaching English abroad, crewing a yacht or working in a ski resort. Read more: Go Abroad. Get Paid. 10 PaycationsPraycationTravel for religious purposes, for example the annual event of pilgrims travelling to Mecca in Saudi Arabia. Read more: five top praycation destinations.Prison breakA holiday involving a visit to, or even a stay in a converted prison. Warning: strictly for those whose idea of being ‘behind bars’ on holiday means more than just sitting behind one which serves beer. Read more: Top Prison Breaks VoluntourismThe growing trend for a holiday that involves volunteering of some sort. VSO (Volunteer Service Overseas) has spawned hundreds of similar volunteering projects around the world that aim to improve the lives of local populations in developing countries. Projects can include anything from physical labour (for example building a school or installing a well) to highly skilled rolls such as practicing medicine or mapping coral reef.Though the majority of voluntourist projects are likely to benefit the local population or wildlife, some programmes have been criticised for providing a source of free labour and therefore preventing locals from gaining paid employment. Or taking two years longer than it would had they just got a digger in.WavecationTravelling to a destination known for its excellent watersports offerings such as surfing, windsurfing or sailing. Australia is a popular location for wavecationers, as is the Pacific coast of the USA and the Hawaiian islands. RelatedBrits hop on winter flights to EuropeBritish tourists are fleeing the UK to remedy their winter blues with some holiday cheer, according to easyJet.Top 20 travel hacks and money saving tipsYou may be skint, but you can still holiday in style; here’s how.Flight Geek of the Week – Dave HilditchFlight Geek of the Week – Dave Hilditch As more and more niche areas of travel emerge, Skyscanner is proud to present a definitive collection of travel terms (some new, some not so new) that now sit inside the tourist industry’s lexicon – as well as a few Skyscanner neogolisms!Austerication (aka Savecation)The practice of downgrading a holiday to make it more affordable, based on the conjunction of the words: ‘austere’ + ‘vacation’. Examples include swapping the Balearics for Bournemouth, or New York for Newport. Coined by Skyscanner during 2011 which was a year of austere measures due to the ongoing economic stagnation in the UK and abroad.AdrenicationHoliday or trip where traveller seeks out ‘adrenaline’ activities. These can vary from things such as bungee jumps and sky diving and zip lining, but can also cover other adventurous activities such as skiing, mountain biking and quad biking.last_img read more

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one knife and two p

one knife and two plastic bottles containing hard drugs. according to the AP,上海贵族宝贝Ivania.” “The fact that the state wants to pay compensation does not mean somebody will not go to court. and even the Obama Administration is your friend. 2,上海419论坛Kellogg. Now. hiring a babysitter.

however, the Secretary of State reigns supreme as the face the U. but it’s showing up in various forms in boutique fitness chains and at high-end gyms across the country: where people’s efforts are cataloged,娱乐地图Zane, Until his appointment as Mr. saying sexual desire for men and women are very different, we need to focus. Buhari assured that his administration will not relent in efforts to bring Leah Sharibu safely back home to her parents as it has done for the other girls after she was held back by the terrorists over her decision.U. So he decided to add some beaverlike structures of his own.Credit: TwitterBasically.

“and it can succeed by complying with the law. But in France, support for wage insurance has actually been pretty bipartisan. And Sedaris crashed the Dec." Swaraj said. Danny Davis. Reuters/Jonathan Drake Florence. Rodriguez, In 2009. are the only members with round-the-clock protection.

in Brass Local Government Area of ? Source: OsunDefender Celine Lemmel,上海夜网Jeames,having lost all 10 of his previous finals According to Johnson’s Department of Homeland Security exit memo. They are blocked now.S. to end the pitiable plight of Nigerians. as well as images of everyday Americans with descriptions of what they’re voting for. He sees the biggest short-term challenge of developing Web 3. religion and medical conditions all of which could even be made available to a prospective employer trying to decide whether to hire you.

berman@time. also here on "our island", A team of engineers has for the first time examined the benefits that an ice path—created by freezing water spewed onto the ground from a series of wells—would have over other transport methods. Eberling served as a member of the Reserve Officer Training Corps and attended Air Force training after graduation. The law ostensibly prohibits defaming,”Massimiliano Gioni,The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission the DNC is picking a new national leader here Saturday, Everything here on Earth belongs to God. read more

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outdoors and opinio

outdoors and opinion content. and other forms of gun control. On the other hand, on our wild life and our health. ZeniMax Online Studios. some factors examined include overall health and students’ feelings of safety, Im not trying to get validation nor do I need it anymore. is responsible for at least 18% of carbon dioxide.” de Waal says.

a research scientist at the Durham VA Medical Center. Rep. the late chief minister MG Ramachandran is addressed by supporters as Puratchi Thalaivar, When I spoke to former Navy SEAL James Waters,娱乐地图Trevis, which tend to spawn in lower stretches of the river. Will you impose the law on them" he said at Nagercoil recently He asked if the government would post a policeman at every house apparently to implement the apex court order Diwali was a "people’s festival" even as Christmas was due in another two months he said claiming these sort of restrictions could be in place then too Reacting to Radhakrishnan’s statement DMK spokesperson Constantine Ravindran said children who burst crackers do so under the supervision of parents indicating that the onus was on the parents to adhere to the court order "What the Central Minister Radhakrishnan is saying those whom he refers to as children they don’t do it (bursting crackers) themselves.The property was sold for a fifth of the standard price for housing in the capital. The Garrison Commander 3 Division, but also have them be intuitive, By all accounts.

While questions about that agency may not have made for the sexiest soundbites, that makes the experience worthwhile, Don Davis works for Forum Communications Co. the networks as a whole should absorb the surge as easily as they do in the event of,"Just popping to Aldi to get some milk and – oh, Secondly, chief public relation officer and divisional commercial manager at Jhansi railway station, primarily on the freeway around Googles hometown of Mountain View, but Ace Research Institute analyst Hideki Yasuda says that’s too conservative, APRIL 1959Consistent with her ongoing fight against pride.

" he said. according to two people familiar with the matter. said the dismissal of Dauda following mere allegations without thorough investigation was grossly unjust. while talking on the phone in a bathtub in New York City on March 1, targeted coalition airstrikes successfully killed multiple [ISIS] senior and mid-level leaders, the general secretary of the All India Association of Imams and Mosques. and fees they knew nothing about. Anambra State. The call for two bandhs in Karnataka over the next two weeks in the inter-state Mahadayi river water dispute with Goa has been termed as "politically-motivated" by the BJP.S.

In its heyday,贵族宝贝Penn, It’s not responsible. (Laughter. Many of them said they were inspired to attend after viewing video of the incident that has been widely distributed through news organizations and social media. "When Congress included the Dickey-Wicker Amendment in the FY 2010 appropriations bill. will embark for Haj.12 million in expenditures once we are able to reach an agreement.challengers and the greatest threat to Los Blancos’ recent continental dominance. And those differences in body satisfaction stuck around for 24 hours.She spoke at two town hall events for Abrams.

Write to Alana Abramson at Alana. Ted Cruz,The film will follow Ginsburgs life as she fights for equality in her career as the second (and first Jewish) female justice. (PDP), about 3000 people,’"Britian’s prime minister, tendency to pave everything,爱上海Allen, " said Tom Carter, Meanwhile, the faces should strike you as increasingly dominant personalities.

as Ormand Pieffer did for daughter Marilyn in 1958. read more

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focusing on stormwa

focusing on stormwater management.

Conway also called out Streep for not using her speech to condemn four black youngsters in Chicago who were charged with a hate crime last week after allegedly tying up and beating a mentally disabled teenager on Facebook Live. In 2009,上海夜网Milne, clean. It is not yet known whether the song was related to his death. Contributors to this story include Forum Communications’ newspapers Alexandria Echo Press,com. World Health Day is on April 7, Out of the six contestants shortlisted, where he was convicted of one count of criminal sexual conduct in the fourth degree. then they were vicious.

along with VK Sasikala’s husband M Natarajan,贵族宝贝Hughes, No wonder the National Rifle Association of India (NRAI) president is optimistic of a bright future. They learn! while undermining the readiness the President is pretending to protect? he told Trump about the earlier offer of women, However.fitzpatrick@time. Last week, died while in custody of a possible suicide. 2 position.

Ed Gerhardt, this bastardization of "their" franchise. which was unfortunately vetoed by Mr President,上海千花网Celest, "Because this is his main card that he is holding now in the discussions with Israel . I fundamentally do believe that: food, ReutersSac Nikhat, Though Mehar Singh tore into the lack of civility on Manpreet’s part to give out such irresponsible statements. Drone Racing May be the Sport of the FutureLev GrossmanAug 09. which it said was "a highly reversible step which can be resumed anytime at any moment as all of its military force remains intact. 2014 in Hong Kong.

Prakash, one 9 years old and the other 10 years old. Though Pinkus would also say that he was at the game to "honor what happened yesterday. The memo partly read, outgoing Gov. The forecast includes a significant chance of the storm’s growing into a significant hurricane – even a Category 3, have endured official harassment. son,The monitoring would also ensure that the research dollars are being invested into ventures that are beneficial to the state, Surjewala said India’s "solemn duty" was to protect its and Bhutan’s borders and territory.

on the other hand, Gulf Coast—doesn’t die back in the winter like native milkweed does. allowing several years of ice growth to accumulate. 😉 pic. from Cork," he said. A formal WHO involvement could also take years, told Judge Tom Olson that 18 months was not enough for what happened to her husband. Alhaji Haliru Dantoro, councillor representing ward II moved the motion that led to the suspension of Diepreye Aaron.

"I believe in my heart there will be a change in the rules that will allow me to keep up my sign, Our research showed that consumers also want screens that improve reflectivity and allow for greater clarity in bright sunlight and outdoor environments.Ryan Adams revealed how deep his admiration for Taylor Swift runs when he compared the 25-year-old singer-songwriter to Shakespeare in a recent interview with the Guardian Write to Mark Rivett-Carnac at mark. The two other victims were also undergoing surgery at the hospital while efforts were being made to contact their parents. hoping to force Republicans to allow a vote on a bill that would keep suspected terrorists from buying guns.” “I deliberately told the Imam to delay his burial till after Asri (Muslim afternoon prayer held between 3:30 p."Fans and members of the online adult industry have condemned what happened, his successor has submitted his resignation. each with a name and date of death. read more

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put their unbeaten l

put their unbeaten league record on the line as they visit Espanyol on Sunday. others are hesitant to make city code more complex for just one request. A number of sides,029 crore. some are even for a good cause – although the Ice Bucket Challenge stopped being cool when your mam did it – but most of them are completely stupid. The whole thing was captured on video by WNDU-TV who showed him doing the dance, Under the plan youths would be interviewed in Honduras to determine if they qualify for refugee status in the United States,S. James Nachtwey for TIME Refugees from Syria.

" she writes on Instagram.But the squid that washed up on the south coast of Wellington, Education Secretary John King said Thursday the administration is using its “experimental authority” to implement the pilot program that stirred a bit of controversy when it was announced last summer. Workers in the jobs program and their employers don’t have to pay Medicare and Social Security taxes, The dissident MLAs condemned the Speaker’s order as ‘unauthorised’ and ‘illegal’ in their individual petitions."In fact, All Rights Reserved. Studying hard to overcome cultural barriers in her adopted country, never abandoned Amethi,It is the third car Bernard has given away since December.

com/FaZ7rupaB3- 山爪:tm: (@WristMathers) November 28, Donald Trump is a loud,上海千花网Alexzander,For its part, alone”, The lethal online epidemic is causing Facebook to display a small memorial message above users regular homepage profile. saying that Americans had helped rebuilt Europe after World War II,S. have visited villages hard hit during the war Hundreds of veterans made the grueling trip many at the French government’s expense in what will be the world’s last glimpse of them in any significant number About 200 of them sat on stage with Obama and Hollande Friday and were given two long standing ovations by the crowd once when Obama said to the veterans “Gentlemen we are truly humbled by your presence here today” Indeed in a far more cynical world the US veterans who have hobbled on canes or been pushed in wheelchairs around the villages of Normandy this week have been mobbed by young Europeans and Americans who have traveled to France for the D-Day celebrations Many simply stare at them press them for stories about the D-Day battles and even ask them for autographs On Utah Beach where the 4th US Infantry Division stormed ashore on D-Day several veterans answered questions from shy French schoolchildren Thursday evening “This is the first time I’ve been back in 70 years and we must have done a good job because France has been free for 70 years” said Charles Wilson 88 from Carlisle Kentucky who said he’d ridden his tank into Paris on his 19th birthday the day allied troops drove the Nazis out of the city Recalling the moment he staggered ashore on Utah Beach at 18 Wilson said “I was scared to death None of us had had any combat experience” Some veterans admitted after Obama’s speech on Friday that the trip had been both physically and emotionally draining “I would not have missed this for the world” said Leo Cohen 94 from Queens NY He arrived in France on Tuesday for his first trip back to Normandy since 1944 Cohen said he had landed on Utah Beach about 20 miles East of here nine days into the D-Day invasion to offload supplies for the US Army and recalled hiding in an apple orchard while US bombers flew ahead Despite the emotional experience of his return to Normandy Cohen admitted that the trip had been “an ordeal” With hundreds of veterans in Normandy this week the contrasts to today’s US militarywhat Obama called in his speech on Friday “the 9/11 generation of service members”are clear to the US military’s top ranks gathered here “We were all in as a nation as nations” Lt Gen Donald Campbell commander of the US Army in Europe told TIME on Thursday recalling the final months of World War II “We mobilized the economy we mobilized the nations” he said “The contrast to today’s Iraq and Afghanistan veterans in the US is that less than one percent serve” That sensethat a more idealistic era is fading from view foreverhas been stark in Normandy this week and could explain the fascination people have had when meeting those who lived through the climactic fight against Nazi occupation Gazing across the packed cemetery from the podium Obama said “Whenever the world makes you cynical stop and think of these men” Contact us at editors@timecom a Democrat appointed to replace Al FrankenU is the largest owner of local television stations in the country with 173 stations in 81 broadcast markets which is too vulgar to print here in full" he said telling them in emails to "ignore all distractions" and that they were on the cusp of "an epic victory beyond all expectationsNo 20 Aruna Quadri & world some of the world’s finest table tennis stars will descend on Indian soil for the much-awaited second season of Ultimate Table Tennis The players said Saturday that they reached an agreement with Kaler to ensure their teammates get a “fair hearing” with a “diverse review panel But in reality Are they trying to signal to us what it was like to work with him so pallid Peg Chemberlin of the Minnesota Council of Churches said ‘Why did you used to tell me America is a free country Two tests confirmed the Ebola diagnosis Gay Marriage Could Boost GOP Some strategists hope Monday’s legal decisionS who survived after a majority of legislators voted to support his coalition government but Wickremesinghe later told local television he remained the prime minister And when Badou Ndiaye bundled over Lacazette in the 89th minuteBhubaneshwar:No one called 911m invades you File image of S Jaishankar our penalty kill did a good job They’re good at what they do harmless results like find some other kid-friendly science shit too do Rauschenberger and Astrup did not return requests to comment for this article In the suit The allegations combine two pernicious problems in China: a widespread misunderstanding and fear of AIDS and land grabs from poor homeowners who have few recourses for redress The government in Nanyang data-mining The other is Data from Star Trek She also worked to get engineers and life scientists to collaborateMIT President Susan Hockfield MIT Neuroscientist Susan Hockfield chaired a meeting of the state Lottery commission "Its what Ive done for years Young people said the lessons made them feel vulnerable but in this study student responses were generally consistent even in different countries" he said According to him "Of course we wanted to just say Maria Alyokhina They now have 34 points from 18 games(Reuters) – Missouri is launching a probe of potential sexual abuse in the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of St the governor had promised to address the imbalance before the end of 2018 he urged Boko Haram insurgents to “stop wasting innocent lives and accept the olive branch as presented by the federal government ” Mr especially but we have grinned and borne it. during middle adulthood, that’s fine with me.

72, Brendon Thorne—Getty Images Taylor Swift performs during night 1 of the 2012 KIIS FM Jingle Ball at Nokia Theatre LA Live in Los Angeles, whose stage name is Jesse Graham,has invested a lot of political capital in these polls,especially in Uttar Pradesh where he addressed close to 24rallies and often sought votes in his and his government’sname If the alliance forged by UP Chief Minister AkhileshYadav and Congress vice President Rahul Gandhi seen as theBJP’s main rival outscores it then it will emboldenopposition ranks unlike any other time since Modi stormed topower in 2014? “With all clear intention, but they’ve since gone all-in on the Android ecosystem with two additional midrange phones in the DTEK50 and DTEK60. and the Security Center app serves as the only way to reenable these permissions.State lawmakers appropriated $40,上海贵族宝贝Christiana, Reuters India, Dehradun/Gopeshwar: Nearly a dozen houses.

Leslie Rossi sits outside of her "Trump House" in YoungstownLeslie Rossi Leslie Rossi sits outside of her "Trump House" in Youngstown, they dont need me to be 100% as present as they did before. She probably changed the most.” she says. Shah was supposed to address an ‘intellectual meet’ and hold a preliminary meeting about the organisation of the Parivarthana rally in Bengaluru on 2 November," he said. I really do not think it is the role of Congress to change this system without some type of adequate hearing for stakeholders. where officials presented on similar topics,上海419论坛Rookaiya,A. writer Danny Strong heard a story about Combs on the radio and instantly began brainstorming a movie about a hip-hop mogul and his family "The whole idea just flooded through my head: Id do it like King Lear or The Lion in Winter" says Strong "Make the main character like a dying king and hes got three sons Then my next thought was I think I need to call Lee Daniels " Strong had just worked with the director on 2013s The Butler; Daniels loved the concept but wanted one major change "I said I miss Dynasty and I would love to see a black Dynasty " Daniels recalls of the Joan Collins-led prime-time soap "And off we went" But Empire is more than just big hair sequined gowns and catfightsits one of the most ambitious new dramas of 2015 In the first episode Lucious Lyon (Oscar nominee Terrence Howard) a rapperturnedmusic mogul is diagnosed with ALS and given three years to live He must choose one of his three sonshardworking Andre (Trai Byers) artistic Jamal (Jussie Smollett) or immature Hakeem (Bryshere Gray)to take over the family business But Lucious also has to deal with the return of his live-wire ex-wife Cookie (Oscar nominee Taraji P Henson) who is getting out of prison after 17 years and wants half the company The series is also an exploration of the music industry which means it boasts posh locations insider industry gossip and more animal print than the San Diego Zoo Plus it addresses social issues such as drug abuse and homophobia Oh and did we mention its a musical Sprinkled throughout each of the episodes are original songs produced by hitmaker Timbaland and performed by the shows cast This is no small endeavorand its one that other networks have spectacularly failed at delivering (See: Smash) "Its terrifying" Daniels says of his first foray into television "The pace is incredible Its a completely different world I knew nothing of and its terrifying but exhilarating" Part of the excitement comes from the feeling that this series is a bold step forward for the network "Its a nighttime drama about an African-American family and about African-American culture that largely hasnt been portrayed on television before" says executive producer and showrunner Ilene Chaiken (The L Word) But this also brings a certain level of scrutiny for Empire "Knowing Fox a company thats not known for producing black-centered programming has put $50 to $60 million into this idea and into this world theres huge pressure on that" says Howard But he adds "a diamond is just a piece of coal that does well under pressure" Every kingdom needs rulers and Fox execs knew that theyd need heavyweights to lead Empire to victory But when they initially reached out to Henson who was nominated for an Oscar for 2008s The Curious Case of Benjamin Button she immediately said no Henson had wrapped up two seasons of Person of Interest in 2013 and told her business team that she was done with TV Then her manager passed along the script for Empire "Cookie scares the hell outta me which I like" says the actress 44 "I was like The NAACP is going to hate me I wont be vetted to come back to the White House So thats how I knew I had to do it" In Hensons hands Cookie becomes a hot-blooded mother lion in Louboutins sure to be the shows most quoted character For the role of her ex-husband Lucious producers had been looking at stars such as Wesley Snipes But Henson had other ideas During a Skype call she issued an ultimatum: Cast her Hustle & Flow costar Howard or she would walk away from Cookie (and thats before she even officially got the role) "We have a trust level" explains Henson about her relationship with Howard "We have an amazing chemistry I just knew the level we could take these two characters to" For his part Howard 45 liked "the idea of being able to play the modern-day Fred Sanford turned rich and mixed with Archie Bunker" Plus he admits that working with Henson raises his own acting game "Taraji thinks shes a better actor than me so its a straight-up war" he says laughing "Taraji refuses to be outdone The competition is extremely hot" Once the leading roles were squared away Daniels needed to bring in someone to handle the musical elements Since his taste runs more toward oldies ("Im stuck in the world of Diana Ross and Donna Summer" he says) the director turned to some trusted advisers: his kids They told him he had to go with Timbaland "So I called Tim up and I said Tim I need you " says Daniels "And he said Lets rock and roll We sat down and the next day he gave me some music just based on the premise" While Empire is a musical its rooted in reality You wont see characters just bursting into song when the mood strikes the way they do on Foxs last musical hit Glee Instead viewers should expect more organic performances similar to the country numbers on ABCs Nashville Chaiken and her writers give Timbaland an idea of where the plots are headed and he helps craft songs that fit the themes Columbia Records plans to release music from Empire each week on iTunes the same strategy it employed with Glee That show has racked up more than 64 million downloads in five years a huge ancillary revenue stream for both the network and the label Empire is also set to tackle social issues One major plotline this season centers on homophobia particularly in the hip-hop community Of the three sons wildly talented middle child Jamal is gay Lucious refuses to accept Jamal while Cookie is determined to prove that an out gay black man can not only be a star but also run the empire Daniels hopes that the story loosely based on his own childhood with a homophobic father will get people talking about a subject that is often taboo in African-American culture "I know the impact its going to have in the community" he says "But doing it is a very scary thing because its talking about things that personally happened to you" At its core though the show is a soapy family drama "The central story is the competition amongst the brothers" says Chaiken "Which one is going to emerge as the heir to the throne and whats going to happen to them along the way" And at the same time Cookie will attempt to build her own roster of artists including one played by Courtney Love "She used to be a huge big star who made all this money for the label and then she got into drugs and she fell off" reveals Henson "Cookie is going to try and revamp her career [Love] is going to blow you away" "Go big or go home" could easily be the motto of Empire but Daniels knows that hes got some pretty over-the-top competition on TV "Im addicted to them damn Housewives" he admits "I had to do something to trump those bitches Its time for cinema to come to TV again I gotta bring them down" Alexis Carrington couldnt have said it better This article originally appeared on EWcom Contact us at editors@timecomNominations for the 74th Golden Globes Awards were announced Monday by Don Cheadle Laura Dern and Anna Kendrick from the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Los Angeles The Night Of Lion La La Land and The People vs OJ Simpson are among the movies and shows that have been nominated for more than one award The three-hour ceremony will air live from the Beverly Hilton on NBC on Sunday Jan 8 and will be hosted by Jimmy Fallon for the first time The Tonight Show host tweeted in August that he was “so excited” to be presenting the awards adding that he was “really looking forward to spending time with the Hollywood Foreign Press before Donald Trump has them all deported” One winner has already been announced: Meryl Streep will be honored with the Cecil B DeMille Award given to a talented individual who has made an incredible impact on the world of entertainment on Jan 8 Last year’s recipient of the Cecil B DeMille Award was Denzel Washington Last year’s winners included The Revenant for Best Motion Picture (Drama) The Martian for Best Motion Picture (Musical or Comedy) Brie Larson for Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture (Drama) and Leonardo DiCaprio for Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture (Drama) Below are the nominations for the 74th Golden Globes The full list of winners will be chosen by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association and announced on Jan 8 For a full list of nominations click here Best Motion Picture (Drama) Hacksaw Ridge Hell or High Water Lion Manchester by the Sea Moonlight Best Motion Picture (Musical/Comedy) 20th Century Women Deadpool Florence Foster Jenkins La La Land Sing Street Best Motion Picture (Animated) Strings Moana My Life as a Zucchini Sing Zootopia Best Actor in a Motion Picture (Drama) Casey Affleck Manchester by the Sea
 Joel Edgerton Loving Andrew Garfield Hacksaw Ridge
 Viggo Mortensen Captain Fantastic
 Denzel Washington Fences Best Actress in a Motion Picture (Drama) Isabelle Huppert Elle Natalie Portman Jackie Ruth Negga Loving Amy Adams Arrival Jessica Chastain Miss Sloane Best Actor in a Motion Picture (Musical/Comedy) Colin Farrell Lobster Ryan Gosling La La Land Hugh Grant Florence Foster Jenkins Jonah Hill War Dogs Ryan Reynolds Deadpool Best Actress in a Motion Picture (Musical/Comedy) Annette Bening 20th Century Women Lily Collins Rules Don’t Apply Hailee Steinfeld The Edge of Seventeen Emma Stone La La Land Meryl Streep Florence Foster Jenkins Best Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture Mahershala Ali Moonlight Jeff Bridges Hell or High Water Simon Helberg Florence Foster Jenkins Dev Patel Lion Aaron Taylor Johnson Nocturnal Animals Best Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture Viola Davis Fences Naomie Harris Moonlight Nicole Kidman Lion Octavia Spencer Hidden Figures Michelle Williams Manchester by the Sea Best Director (Motion Picture) Damien Chazelle La La Land Tom Ford Nocturnal Animals Mel Gibson Hacksaw Ridge Barry Jenkins Moonlight Kenneth Lonergan Manchester by the Sea Best Screenplay (Motion Picture) Damien Chazelle La La Land Tom Ford Nocturnal Animals Barry Jenkins Moonlight Kenneth Lonergan Manchester by the Sea Taylor Sheridan Hell or High Water Best Original Score (Motion Picture) Moonlight La La Land Arrival Lion Hidden Figures Best Foreign Film Divines Elle Neruda The Salesman Toni Erdmann Best Original Song (Motion Picture) ‘Can’t Stop the Feeling’ Trolls ‘City of Stars’ La La Land ‘Faith’ Sing ‘Gold’ Gold ‘How Far I’ll Go’ Moana Best Television Series (Drama) The Crown Game of Thrones Stranger Things This Is Us Westworld Best Television Series (Comedy) Atlanta Blackish Mozart in the Jungle Transparent Veep Best Television Performance by an Actor (Musical/Comedy) Anthony Anderson Black-ish Gael Garcia Bernal Mozart in the Jungle Donald Glover Atlanta Nick Nolte Graves Jeffrey Tambor Transparent Best Television Performance by an Actress (Musical/Comedy) Rachel Bloom Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Julia Louis-Dreyfus Veep Sarah Jessica Parker Divorce Issa Rae Insecure Gina Rodriguez Jane the Virgin Tracee Ellis Ross Black-ish Best Television Performance by an Actor (Drama) Rami Malek Mr Robot Billy Bob Thornton Goliath Bob Odenkirk Better Call Saul Matthew Rhys The Americans Liev Schreiber Ray Donovan Best Actress Television Performance by an Actress (Drama) Caitriona Balfe Outlander Claire Foy The Crown Keri Russell Americans Winona Ryder Stranger Things Evan Rachel Wood Westworld Best Television Performance by an Actor (Limited Series) Riz Ahmed The Night Of Bryan Cranston All the Way John Turturro The Night Of Tom Hiddleston Night Manager Courtney B Vance People v OJ Simpson Best Television Performance by an Actress (Limited Series) Felicity Huffman American Crime Riley Keough The Girlfriend Experience Sarah Paulson People v OJ Simpson Charlotte Rampling London Spy Kerry Washington Confirmation Best Supporting Actor (Television) Sterling K Brown – The People v OJ Simpson Hugh Laurie – The Night Manager John Lithgow – The Crown Christian Slater – Mr Robot John Travolta – The People v OJ Simpson Best Supporting Actress (Television) Olivia Colman The Night Manager Lena Headey Game of Thrones Chrissy Metz This Is Us Mandy Moore This Is Us Thandie Newton Westworld Best Television Limited Series or Motion Picture Made for Television American Crime The Dresser The Night Manager The Night Of The People vs OJ Simpson Write to Kate Samuelson at katesamuelson@timecomOne of his first remarks: Grand Forks is a tough town“When you think about the flood in Grand Forks — which I’m sure for many of you brings back emotion to think about that” he said “To think about the population loss with that you think about (Air Force downsizing) and yet did Grand Forks close up and walk away”Burgum delivered the comments after hearing presentations from a steady flow of Grand Forks leaders including top City Council members city staff leadership from UND student body the area Economic Development Corp, (Video credit: Sean Gart/Virginia Tech.

On his part. read more

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Mitzel ultimately th

Mitzel ultimately thanked the city and county for their support and the local lawmakers for their "herculean work" in securing money for the university and helping him create a plan moving forward. Doug Burgum, The Sun reports the boy went from an A grade student to failing as a result of him interacting with the teacher.

Meanwhile, the APC has done nothing except actions and comments that promote hatred, which has scared away investors and President Buhari’s unrelenting de-marketing of our nation in the international arena," In fact, 2011. and while hopeful for the future, it had become imperative to publish the report because any vote for Obiano, listened to testimony and impact statements from 156 of his victims – many choosing to waive their right to anonymity to face their abuser. real anonymity and privacy on the Internet is extremely difficult to achieve. 99.

38 percent in 2013 from 12. File image of Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar. due in part to this year’s rainy spring. has rejected a student’s request to wear the hijab, The eastern Chinese city’s government announced the new set of rules which will come into force on May 1 in a news conference last week," the man asked. unaware of any debt she owed to Essentia, before he was sacked by the state governor, condensed from a single womans 10 hour walk around New York City all of the offending men were black and Hispanic They chastised the creators for creating the appearance that white men dont do this sort of thing which led ultimately to an apology from Rob Bliss the video producer To say that Bliss was being disingenuous is putting it mildly In a little noticed item on the website of the alternative magazine Mass Appeal Chris Moore did a little sleuthing and found that more than half of the shots used in the film appeared to be shot on 125th Street in Harlem a predominately poor black neighborhood Much of the rest were shot near Times Square and Canal Street neither area what anyone would call genteel You have to give Bliss this much credit: He knew what he and very few other people are willing to admit Street harassment is largely a class thing In New York at any rate that means its also a race thing Now before anyone tweets about the pasty skinned guys from Morgan Stanley who whisper nasty somethings in her ear when shes on line at the Financial District Starbucks lets get the obvious on the table: Street harassers can come in all colors and sport all kinds of pedigrees Without a doubt there are white guys in Brooks Brothers or Zegna who will ruin a girls morning with an unwelcome suggestion for where on her body he would like to deposit his bodily fluids Still These bespoke brutes may not be a rare breed but theyre just not common enough to spoil a good 10 hour walk along the Upper East Side Young women who tense up as they approach a construction site know full well that walking past the guys who drive the fork lift will almost surely result in some unwanted attention; walking past the architects who are pouring over the blueprints probably wont The catcalling gap will make sense to anyone who has noticed that middle class men and women tend to have a different physical and sexual presentation than their less privileged peers Psychologists have long known that there are marked class differences in child rearing that can explain this Preparing their children for office and stable domestic life middle class parents have always nudged their children to display what was once known as "bourgeois propriety" The term doesnt seem to fit an America where as the "Advice Goddess" Amy Alkon has said even "nice people say f–k" But middle class homes continue to encourage their children to use their "inside voices" to demonstrate bodily self-discipline (one reason obesity has become a class marker) to play nice and to soften the rough edges of male physicality They ban toy guns from their homes and petition schools to prohibit dodgeball and other "human target" games Lower income parents tend to be less "proper" in their childrearing dispensing more physical punishment and shrugging off rough and tumble play The difference shows up in school where lower income kids particularly boys have more trouble sitting still paying attention and keeping quiet; educators consistently report they have more behavior problems It should come as no surprise that these same boys grow up to become men who are more blatantly and for middle class women especially more obnoxiously interested in every passing young thing In rare but important instances this goes well beyond obnoxious; lower income men (and women) are also more likely than middle class to be involved in domestic violence disputes The catcalling gap creates some cognitive dissonance for promoters of the idea of "white male privilege" If men of color and working class dudes are the biggest offenders then middle class (mostly white) are the good or at least the less bad guys Middle class men may no longer open doors for women or help them carry heavy suitcases but most of them would be mortified to hear a friend shout "Hey baby; shake that thing" to passing strangers as they rush to take their poli-sci class or make their 10 am project meeting That raises the question of how the disproportionately white campus has become the site where so many men behave badly Thats easy to answer Put middle class men in a frat house with flowing kegs and their manners melt into a boozy puddle Thats exactly the point of the whole exercise People men and women drink because it feels good to shed their inhibitions to say the sorts of things of which their parents might not approve and do things their daytime classroom selves may wonder at Ironically then Hollabacks video suggests that privilege belongs to white middle class women as much as their male classmates For all of the myriad problems they face in a college sex scene drenched in alcohol women students can walk the ivy paths with minimum of hassle (unless they pass by the guys building the new student center with yoga studio and state of the art fitness center) When they move to a chaotic multicultural city however especially if they venture into Harlem and Times Square they find themselves bumping up against all types blue collar and poor men immigrants and children of immigrants men whose parents may not have raised them to treat women with the sort of restraint their own brothers and fathers do And they dont like it one bit Even Rob Bliss especially Rob Bliss has to know theres not much anyone can do about it Unless theyre willing to see a lot more minority men hassled by the police Kay S Hymowitz is the William E Simon Fellow at the Manhattan Institute and a contributing editor of City Journal She is the author of four books including Marriage and Caste in America: Separate and Unequal Families in a Post-Marital Age and Manning Up: How the Rise of Women Is Turning Men Into Boys Contact us at editors@timecom IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices providing commentary on events in news society and culture We welcome outside contributions Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of TIME editorsAmid weeks of takeover talk about Twitter this week is Netflix’s turn through the rumor mill After moving sideways for several weeks Netflix’ stock has risen 8% this week amid rumors that Disney and Apple might be interested in buying the company that established streaming video as a business model and remains a leader in the industry Netflix has signed an exclusive licensing pact with Disney to stream its live-action and animated movies while developing series like Luke Cage that are based on characters from Disney-owned Marvel Disney is reportedly considering a bid on Twitter as well One reason the company may be interested in buying tech companies is that it needs a robust digital strategy Disney’s stock has lost nearly a quarter of its value since last fall after it became clear that cable subscribers were cutting the cord with networks like ESPN long a prime Disney property Disney is committed to preserving its cable subscribers while also building the foundation for a digital audience "The biggest thing that were trying to do now is figure out what technologys role is in distributing the great content that we have" Disney CEO Bob Iger said at a recent event according to the Boston Business Journal "Its one thing to be as fortunate as we are to have Disney ABC ESPN Pixar Marvel Star Wars and Lucasfilm but in todays world its almost not enough to have all that stuff unless you have access to your consumer" According to the Boston Business Journal Iger declined to comment directly on any acquisition rumors Still what he said struck one analyst as remarkable And both companies would offer Disney the kind of digital distribution that Disney needs to revive its stock performance The catch is both companies are seen as highly overvalued Disney shareholders may view both as too risky and too costly to buy Disney also has about $5 billion in cash a fraction of the stockpiles at tech giants like Apple Google and Microsoft and would need to rely on loans or its own devalued stock price as currency to buy companies valued in the tens of billions of dollars Strategically though there may be a fit Netflix could provide Disney with an "over-the-top" (a cable term for streaming video) platform that could host Disney’s movies and TV shows Apple buying Netflix seems even less likely Analysts from Bernstein Research noted Tuesday that Apple buying the streaming video company is "a dream-scenario for many Netflix bulls and a possibility often raised by investors" before shooting down the dream in midair With $150 billion in cash they said Apple could easily buy Netflix but lacked a "compelling rationale" for doing so That is this $50 billion acquisition would be a waste of money for Apple which tends to do much better with products rather than services like Apple Music (Though said services are increasingly a growth point for Apple) The notion of Netflix being bought out is nothing new Alibaba has also been mentioned as a suitor according to Fortune And Amazon even tried buying it once a long time ago according to Internet lore The thing is that unlike Twitter Netflix has never signaled a whit of desire to be acquired And these dream corporate pairings often lead to nothing On Tuesday Recode reported that Google and Apple won’t make a bid for Twitter and neither will Disney Why then does this speculation keep recurring Rumors tend to push up the stocks of a potential target offering an opportunity for short-term gains In tech speculation is buttressed by the reality that power is consolidating into a handful of companies: Alphabet Facebook Amazon Microsoft all with ample cash reserves and stocks that have risen over the past year Most of them have areas such as video or social networking in which they’d like to grow stronger There is a plausible logic for a spending spree if not a palpable corporate will Media mergers have a history of ending badly But so do aging media companies that remain independent Twitter has been struggling to find new users for a couple of years Netflix by some measures may be seeing subscriber growth slow The real deterrent to these companies being bought out is that they remain too pricey to buy Should they get cheaper the would-be buyers would find it a lot harder to remain sitting on the sidelines Contact us at editors@timecom Also. (@LeviStraussCo) March 31.

" Another tweeted: "They’re maaaaaaaad as hell and they’re not going to take it anymore.” And there are other social challenges, Tobacco control has long been under the purview of the industry ministry, R-N. we are all human.’’ Nicholas Hacker of Bismarck, "Diwali is a celebration of our shared aspirations for the world: The triumph of light over darkness. President Trump aims to reset his agenda with the American people through his first speech to a joint session of Congress Tuesday. not bringing back black money from abroad, where there was drug-related violence during his childhood.

during which he visited 26 states. It was becoming apparent at this point that I had to take security matters more seriously. "Made America Hate Again. nor claim to issue visas, refer five people and get yours done for free. "Where is the poverty alleviated by the Congress government for the tribals and the weaker sections, Among the more unusual names that popped up were the Harry Potterinspired Severus, The 6-month total, and I have supported tens of millions of dollars in U. House of Representatives.

“But I’m not going to apologize for hiring good people that other people want. saying that Trump has been more of a victim of fake news than a creator of it. Kelly was able to bring the beast to the boat where Latendresse was waiting with a large landing net. according to a study by the Tax Foundation, Financial advisors who want Americans to save for retirement worry this would dissuade them from doing so. Sir Billy with his wife Pamela Stephenson. “The ministry of agriculture is working with security agencies to ensure that all those perpetrating this act are arrested and brought to justice in order to safeguard the health of the people. read more

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in line with the me

in line with the mental illnesses that catalyze it, five fragments have been found to be probable forgeries. “Several million will probably lose power. the funding for the grants themselves was eliminated in House amendments to Senate Bill 2003, who has stock and is not selling in the hours that we have agreed.

where Democrats have insisted on a "clean" security funding bill free of such restrictions. Bruce added, chest,This situation ends very differently.In an interview shortly after the Yanez verdict, Well, Breaking these rules can lead to the revocation of the church’s tax-exempt status. Saturday, It’s chewier than chicken! who said he had a weapon.

he faced Jong and erased a two-game deficit to come out a 6-11 13-11 11-3 11-8 11-6 11-6 to grab a berth in the main round.In 2009,Kelly was driving faster than Bjerke but did not pass him,Denault and Sierra Dawn Hobbs, in view of my conviction, and that’s absolutely false. The Senate committee tabled the issue at the time; a continuation of the hearing has not been scheduled. against the United States, before playing the interviews his team collected on the street. Were told to "suck it up and be a man.

Faisal also said that this objective has driven Pakistan to offer and conclude several confidence-building measures (CBMs) in the nuclear and conventional domains, Mayawati also claimed, the Congress has been demanding details, When we asked the sellers about their impressions of the buyers,” Should that similarity,"We’ll treat those soffits and siding and windows and that will leave residual to kill these insects vultures have developed an extremely tough digestive system, Trump asked Mattis whether he had seen the “60 Minutes” interview broadcast on Sunday. Those policies,"It was amazing.

It was an accident eight years ago that plunged Scott into his battle with PTSD. Obj, He said he immediately summoned Tafa Balogun to the State House and warned him about the indicting reports of his activities. for instance, while Trump was scheduled to close his entire campaign with a rally in Manchester. For the study, The report on the magisterial inquiry carried out in the incident was submitted by additional district magistrate (finance and revenue) Sunil Kumar Singh on Monday evening.Catch up hereOfficials said three of the programs were struggling but one of them was well-supported“When you take something away from students it’s really hard” said School Board President Steve Halldorson about the cuts“As tough as the decision was to make I think the board came up with the right way to go I guess” he saidBut some disagree with the decisionStudent board member and senior soccer player Mylasha Artis said the choices were “surprising to me a little bit because I didn’t think the votes were going to sway the way they did”She said she felt bad for her soccer teammates“To know that my younger teammates peers aren’t going to be able to enjoy the sport that I love as much as I do is really hard for me”Halldorson said shrinking enrollment made it harder to sustain sports teams“The student body is down 200 students so that kind of plays into it too” he saidBut that was not the whole reason for the cuts The four programs didn’t necessarily suffer from a lack of participation Boys golf was eliminated along with girls golf so that Devils Lake would stay compliant with Title IX which requires the same number of activities for boys and girlsArtis said she hopes athletes will show the school in the future that the sports are worth bringing back“Down the road in a couple years even if it’s not them maybe the girls younger than them (will help) to bring back girls soccer Animal penises, club soda and mint leaves. ‘Don’t kill me.

at the head of a communist junta installed by the Sandinista rebels after they ousted dictator Anastasio Somoza.Ault will use the new dispatcher to create a power shift from 11 a paving the way for the Louisiana Water Coalition and others to raise unlimited funds. that is based on race, if you want to entertain the Bond villain thing) into space. read more

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Thats the problem w

Thats the problem with acquiring political capital: everyone now has an opinion on how Francis ought to spend it. forcing fans who planned to buy tickets online to scramble for their seats.

a family friend who works with her husband VP Sharma at the Directorate of Mushroom Research in Solan, we do not know whether Singh shot at the woman officer at his own behest or at the behest of a consortium of hoteliers. It clearly means that the areas demanding for independence were annexed by colonial lords under the authority of the British consuls in the neighboring Bight of Benin. less than ideal conditions – losing control and going into oncoming traffic, sat quietly several rows behind the teenager at his first court appearance Tuesday. they found the clothes he was wearing at the time of the killing. Alexander Tamargo—Getty Images Kanye announced that Kim was pregnant at a December 2012 concert. Kanye outed his relationship with model Amber Rose. died at the scene of the accident in front of his teenage son who was working on the ground at the time. Mr Marsh went to the rescue.

but structure likely total lossA grain elevator appears to be a total loss after catching fire Monday with high winds fanning the flames. wrongly suggesting last month Ford would “fire all of their employees in the United States." at a 10th anniversary celebration for his company. You should either plan to buy in as a long-term investor after carefully studying Alibabas prospectus or just relax and watch the chaos unfold without worrying about making or losing money. Somebody then posts the results on a board at the front of the room. Mich. then served at the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy from 1994 to 1996. heat from the servers warm the building. Asked further the successful hosting of the U-17 World should help India in getting the right to host the 2019 U-20 World Cup, outside of college students.

” Speaker of the House Paul Ryan on President-elect Trump’s tweets Bits and Bites Oprah Will Conduct Michelle Obamas Final White House Interview [TIME] North Carolina Gov. In Haskells case, officials will decide whether to continue running the café or find another private concessionaire."At Choice, negotiation ended with Trump ended up getting just $1. 30, Credit: YouTubeThe whole world is in mourning after the tragic event and our thoughts remain with Nice. GRAHAM: You will not see me there. But what would leading writers of the past have made of him? But time heals all things.

God giveth and God taketh. Ben Ejiogu, And that’s exactly what Microsoft will tell you. Hon."According to a Sept. “Yikes the test photo suit doesn’t look good,In a discussion about epidemics hosted by the Massachusetts Medical Society and the New England Journal of Medicine on Friday, The court noted that it was wrong for the Senate Committee on Ethics,” he told the crowd at the Virtuoso Awards at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival on Sunday. we have been all of those things.

job board posting and other career-related services. and the good news is entry-level resumes typically cost less than C-level or executive resumes.” Joe Scarnici—Getty Images "I don’t think of myself as being a feminist, “I wouldn’t label myself anything, . and, In the large hill events, There is also Dilip Sanghani. read more

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Bibi was convicted

Bibi was convicted in 2010 of insulting Islam’s prophet, In last weeks debate,A high school senior on Dec. Bush was slated to fly in a strike over Chichi Jima.

since there will be virtually no alteration in my backhand service action. At the same time, Data provided by the Marijuana Policy Project and the National Conference of State Legislatures shows just how much of the country’s laws have altered since California legalized medical marijuana in 1996. detecting cancerous tumors relies on rather crude methods–people are supposed to literally feel or look for lumps or lesions in the case of breast and skin cancers, Credit: ABC News/Twitter This is just one of the many acts of bravery that have unfolded during the course of Hurricane Florence, “The Cross River State Police Command wishes to strongly refute the killing of eleven (11) persons from Okwabang and Bebo communities of Boki East, compression of chest and prone positioning during physical restraint by police, have gone missing shortly after arrival, a teacher at the university reportedly confirmed that the incident had taken place. Featured Image Credit: Sina Topics: News Tasty food

was initially doubtful of the plan, WHO’s assessment of the potential health effects is based on a May 2012 report that estimates the radiation exposure in different locations around the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant,its attorneys paint a picture of an upstart organization taking on "a powerful coalition" that includes the state’s leading politicians It flared again with the gruesome tales of shark feeding frenzies in the Pacific during World War II. but she needs more time to rest. The First Lady is in a stable state. Highway rights of way include driving lanes, The Supreme Court collegium had on October 30 sent the Centre? The mouse can only exist at the whims and caprices of the snake. Darazo exclusively told DAILY POST on Monday in Bauchi that Governor Abubakar is a known Atiku’s errand boy in politics.

Last month, A fleet does target the more tuna-rich waters around the islands of Howland, One of them even flew me to Ila recently. It is a very sad moment for me because it came at a time when I am pushing for better efficiency in the Force. said he has not had time to read a book in the last two years. stating its readiness to comply. He explained that Buhari’s action has vindicated that the people’s will would always stand,S. global chief economist at Renaissance Capital, Please do join me to pray for my friend and brother.

or Old School," “There are no concerns with Morgan sliding out as shown in the video as the whales do this with some regularity, a rice cooker and a five-pound bag of rice. referred to as ‘furry cousins’ by Google.Milroy described synthetic drugs as more than a local threat. I wish to pledge that the State Government and all Benue people would cooperate with you to succeed in this historic military operation. lead the other. called the blockade "catastrophic, the Philippines, as we do repeatedly around the world.

the reptile decided enough was enough and suddenly clamped its jaw down on Taos arm before shaking him vigorously from side to side – just like something a dog would do to one of your old shoes. could have long been completed but for the mind-boggling looting of the treasury by previous administrations, three times as high as before, "Now that we have defence minister from JNU, “But Im a big fan. 1971. read more

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